December 9, 2022

Marvel’s hotly-anticipated WandaVision series to launch with a double episode on Disney Plus – nine-episode run confirmed!

*In a singsong voice* WandaVision is next week. WandaVision is next week.

What can I say, I’m excited! After having just watched Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame a few days ago the notion that we’re finally going to get to see this story continued is elating. And what makes it even greater is that this first Disney+ series that we will get to see is WandaVision; a series I have been excited to see since it was announced.

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A Marvel First

We’ve seen posters, trailers, and clips of the show but behind all of this riveting content is a constant sense of mystery that has left fans a bit confused but highly intrigued.

My theory is that the series will feature an interesting spin on a controversial comic that told the story of Scarlet Witch creating her own reality where she believed she was with Vision and had had a family (something we have seen in the trailers) only to finally discover it was all a fiction, leading her to go insane and killing her fellow Avengers.

Marvel Studios Debuts New 'WandaVision' Poster

Elizabeth Olsen

We have heard Elizabeth Olsen say in interviews how excited she is that this series will deal with mental health and that is very, very intriguing.

But what’s even more exciting is the recent prospect that the nine-episode series will feature a two-episode premiere next Friday. And I think that would be a very smart move on Marvel Studios’ part because, judging by the trailers, this is going to be a wacky show. Viewers will need at least two episodes to understand just exactly what the heck is going on.


And if there isn’t a two-episode premiere, we’ll likely have a two-episode finale. Either way, I’m excited!

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