January 28, 2023
Preadtor Fortnite

There’s something out there waiting for us. And it ain’t no man. The Predator is hunting in Fortnite!

The Predator is bringing the hunt to Fortnite!

Following the success of the Marvel, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead DLC, Fortnite is bringing the hunt to gamers. It’s official. Hunting season begins now. And The Predator will be stalking you.

Fortnite The Predator


Epic Games has officially announced the deal to bring the legendary Jungle Hunter to the game via a seriously cool trailer which you can watch below:


Epic Games has announced that the Predator is now available in Fortnite as part of the game’s Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass – the latest guest character to join the game as part of the game’s Zero Point arc.

Players can currently unlock the Predator outfit by leveling up the current Battle Pass, and they can earn additional Predator-themed cosmetics by completing Jungle Hunter quests. These unlockable cosmetics include the Predator outfit with a built-in Bio-helmet online emote, a unique Heat Vision Hunter spray, banner, and emoticon.


Meanwhile, the next “guest character” rumored to be joining the party will be The Terminator. The character recently popped up in Mortal Kombat 11, and his inclusion in Fortnite looks to be only a matter of time.

This is wonderful news. The recent Mandalorian DLC pack was sensational and boasted a fun hunt for Beskar. But the addition of the Jungle Hunter ups the ante even further. And I cannot wait to jump on and rip out a few spinal columns.

Let the hunt begin.

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