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Eaglemoss has opened pre-orders for the sensational new Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship from Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Pre-orders are now live for the Star Trek: Discovery Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship. The newest model from Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Official Starship Collection.

The Star Trek die-cast Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship model recreates the starship designed by Star Trek: Online lead concept Ryan Denning. The vessel featured prominently throughout Star Trek: Discovery season two. And the craft was one of the main assailants in the season finale. Playing an instrumental role in the attack on the U.S.S Enterprise, and the Discovery. But, thanks to the superlative captaincy of Christopher Pike and the determination of Michael Burnham, Leland, and his absorbed Section 31 cohorts never stood a chance.

Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship


The space battle above Xahea was a pivotal turning point for the fate of the galaxy. Alongside the U.S.S Enterprise, the Discovery ensured the future of existence by defeating Leland’s plan. And safely carrying the sphere data into the future.


Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship was named for the mythological Chinese archer who shot down the sun. The medium-sized, four-nacelled Hou Yi-class was developed in secret to pursue Section 31’s shadowy goals. Marked only as “classified” in the Federation’s databases, it was deployed by the rogue artificial intelligence Control to attack the U.S.S. Discovery and U.S.S. Enterprise near the planet Xahea.

Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship 002

This fantastic Star Trek die-cast Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship model recreates the starship designed by Star Trek: Online lead concept Ryan Denning. This stark, hard-angled, and menacing ship recalls the design of the famous Miranda-class, which would be developed by the Federation in the years following the Battle near Xahea.


  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Owner: Section 31
  • Comes with a display stand to display at home or office.

Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Vessel comes with a 16-page full-color magazine. The magazine includes a profile of the starship, original production art, and details of its design evolution.

Section 31 Hou Yi-Class Starship Magazine


This sensational vessel is available to Pre-Order now direct from Eaglemoss Collections. Priced at a reasonable £39.99, the Section 31 vessel will be a good addition to any collection. And it would look INCREDIBLE sat proudly alongside your U.S.S. Discovery. And even better, the U.S.S Enterprise.

Star Trek Discovery Ships

For me, whether or not to add this one to my collection is a no brainer. This vessel played a pivotal role in the Battle of Xahea. And her sleek design partnered with the incredible detail from Eaglemoss makes this one a must-have item.

The release date is February 2021. And trust me, this is one starship you don’t want to miss out on.

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