DC Multiverse Superman v The Devastator

Feast your eyes on this glorious new Superman vs The Devastator DC Multiverse double pack

Target has listed a new SUPERMAN VS THE DEVASTATOR (Batman of Earth -1) DC Multiverse 2-pack from McFarlane Toys. The set is based on the Man of Steel vs the fused form of Batman and Doomsday in Dark Nights: Metal. The set includes a handy diorama display base to recreate the battle scenes.

DC Comics 2pk Battle Scene – Superman vs Batman Earth -1

Sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton as a baby, Kal-El was found by farmers Martha and Jonathan Kent and raised as their son, Clark. As Clark grew up, the radiation from Earth’s yellow sun gave him extraordinary powers, which he kept hidden. Now fully grown, he uses his powers to protect his adopted world as Superman. The Man of Steel is virtually invulnerable and has the powers of super-strength, super-speed, and flight. He also has enhanced senses, including heat vision, X-ray vision, super-hearing, and super-breath.

Superman vs The Devastator DC Multiverse

Crashing into our world from the Dark Multiverse’s Earth -1 comes a nightmarish fusion of the only two beings capable of taking on the Man of Steel— Doomsday, and Batman™. The Devastator™ is an all-powerful creature in which the unstoppable might of Doomsday is combined with the unmatched intelligence of Batman.

  • Batman™: The Devastator figure based on the comic book story arc Dark Nights™ Metal
  • Superman figure based on the DC Rebirth Comic
  • Multipack comes with a base
  • Included collectible art card with artwork on the front, and character biography on the back
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play
  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figures based on the DC Multiverse

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Okay, this set looks exceptional. And the addition of the diorama base is a welcome bonus. The Superman figure appears to be a repack of the Action Comics DC Rebirth release, albeit with a new headsculpt. And that’s fine by me. It’s easily one of the best figures in the line. But the Devastator figure looks fantastic and will look great in the glass cabinet alongside the Man of Steel.

Superman vs The Devastator DC Multiverse

As for a release date, and we have conflicting reports on this. Target has listed a release date of April 10, 2021, with a price tag of $39.99. Whereas Gamestop.com is claiming the release date is nearer to March 8th. They are charging $44.99.  But either way, this set has got to be worth forking out for.

Happy hunting.


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