January 28, 2023
Review | Star Wars: Bad Batch Episode 2 "Cut and Run"

After a typically explosive start, The Bad Batch slows down considerably with its lackluster follow-up

The Bad Batch started strong with a solid premiere episode But I have to say, it slowed down considerably with its lackluster follow-up. Clone Force 99 heads to Salecumi, a classic ROTS world, and an arena for Order 66 ironically. Tech has a contact on this frontier world and it’s none other than Cut Lawquane, the deserter clone from Clone Wars who married a Twi’lek woman and started a family.

Bad Batch Episode 2 "Cut and Run"


His daughter has aged considerably and he also has a son now. They are Twi’lek human hybrids like Jacen Syndulla.  But fascinatingly, they came out looking like Twi’leks as opposed to Jacen who looks human. I guess the genes give you a 50/50 for both. My favorite part of the episode was Hunter learning from his former comrade; on how to be a parental figure.

Cut is great with Omega. And you can almost in a way, call Cut a defective clone as he has parental interests that none of the other clones seem to possess. He wants what’s best for his family. And thanks to a tip from another old friend, and the fact that more troops are arriving on Salecumi, Cut wants to take his family off-world. The only problem is that apparently, the newly minted Galactic Empire needs every citizen to register with a chain code. And this must be done before they can do, well anything.

The Bad Batch Aftermath


It seems like a governmental precaution, but if you ask me, it’s far more sinister- giving people numbers instead of names and recording them all in a database. Big Brother is watching. The episode revolves around Tech forging chain codes and there isn’t much beyond that. You can call this episode, filler, as it doesn’t advance the story very much. The main take-away is seeing the universe through Omega’s eyes and how she has formed a deep bond with her fellow mutated clones.

Hunter doesn’t feel he can give Omega a good life, but Omega doesn’t care and wants to be with The Bad Batch no matter what. Omega is tough but her child-like wonder is very refreshing. And seeing her feel dirt for the first time reminded me of the Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker journal where Anakin is mesmerized by the plants on Naboo. Having come from a desert world. Omega only knows rain and metal (as far as we know) and a clump of dirt that powders into a mist, which is completely alien to her.


It’s not a big deal that this episode wasn’t a ground shaker like the premiere. But I would like to see some story progression for Episode 3. Think of this as a nice little pitstop in the storyline.

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