September 26, 2023
Review | Family Guy Season 19 Finale

For a Family Guy season finale, this episode was a letdown. Read Max’s full review of the Season 19 climax here:

Normally, I like to analyze the satire of South Park episodes in my comedy media reviews. But Family Guy has double the episodes and does not have seemed to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully.

While South Park is satire and dark humor, Family Guy has evolved into meta-humor. Meta, being making fun of the show itself, on the show and implying the characters know they are in a fictional televised universe. Family Guy traditionally tries to “go big” with each season finale. And as I watch the episodes every Sunday at 9:30 on Fox, looking forward to seeing how the writers will wrap up the season.

Family Guy Season 19 Finale


Season 18 ended rather disappointingly, and Season 19 (today’s) was only slightly better. It was titled “Tales of Former Sports Glory” and it’s one of those classic Family Guy‘s that recounts popular stories in their own version, and usually in threes. We got something slightly different as Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire recounted tales of their pasts and conveniently all were professional athletes. The episode starts similarly to their Star Wars episodes; the power is out and they need to keep themselves occupied until it comes back.

Family Guy - Star Wars


They are in the Drunken Clam and while the power is not out, the main channels are and they only have Gilmore Girls. Taking turns, they recount their pasts. Cleveland (as we learned) was from Cuba and played baseball. Quagmire was born into a tennis family and was a professional tennis player. Finally, Peter was a boxer and his story largely ripped off Rocky.

Family Guy Season 19

Family Guy is very silly and loves to make a lot of tired puns these days, and my favorite recount was Peter’s. He set up a great joke where he was in the mob- a flash mob that is and he threatens people to pay back their favors with a dance team. He also doesn’t know to plan events in the future and plans them in the past, which is silly as hell. And it gets a little old throughout his story. Quagmire’s tale did a 9/11 joke and I have to say: it was purely tasteless and not funny at all. It was forced if you will.

Cleveland’s tale didn’t have any highlights and I’m glad they didn’t end on it. Joe didn’t get one, possibly poking fun at his paraplegic status but it may be as what Peter said – they only had 7 minutes left for his story. Oh well.

Family Guy Season 19 Finale


So basically, I feel this episode was a letdown for a finale, just like last season. I also have observed that the only good Family Guy episodes are the ones written by Artie Johann. And if anybody from the Family Guy team is reading this, maybe try to get Artie to end the seasons. The penultimate episode of the season was written by him and it was great. Maybe next year, we will get something as good as “A House Full of Peters” from a couple of seasons past.

Family Guy returns for Season 20 in late September 2021.

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