Whatcha Gonna Do! Feast your eyes on this glorious new Hulkamania Hulk Hogan statue from PCS and Sideshow Collectibles

Look out, Brother because Sideshow Collectibles is taking orders on a new “Hulkamania” Hulk Hogan statue from Premium Collectibles Studio. The visually stunning 1/4 Scale Statue stands at a whopping 24.5″ tall and depicts the WWE Hall of Famer flexing his legendary 24″ pythons.  The statue is based on Hulk Hogan’s classic red and yellow attire from the Federation years. At a time where he faced off against opponents like Andre The Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Earthquake. The fully sculpted polystone statue boasts a top-quality resemblance to the wrestling icon which is sure to delight fans everywhere.

PCS Hulk Hogan


Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the “Hulkamania” Hulk Hogan 1:4 Scale Statue, running wild in your WWE collectibles.

You’ve heard of 24” pythons — now get ready for a collectible of epic proportions! The “Hulkamania” Hulk Hogan Statue measures 24.5” tall. With the Hulkster flexing his famous arm muscles as he steps proudly into the ring. His circular black podium base measures 10” wide and features the words “Hulk Hogan” in red, white, and yellow to match the wrestler’s iconic Hulkamania color scheme.

The “Hulkamania” Hulk Hogan Statue is fully sculpted to capture the muscular physique of this iconic WWE Superstar as well as his signature style inside the ring. His mustachioed portrait features a detailed likeness topped off with blonde hair tied back in a red Hulkamania bandana with yellow script. Around his neck, Hulk Hogan wears his gold necklace, and his yellow shirt features red Hulkamania script and lifelike folds and tears sculpted into the garment. His costume is complete with yellow briefs, white armbands, red kneepads, and yellow boots all sculpted and painted dynamically to capture the sheen and movement of wrestling attire in action. This incredible tribute to a legendary presence both inside the ring and out is a must-have collectible for Hulkamaniacs everywhere.


Hulk Hogan was always one of my all-time favorite wrestlers when I was a kid. That was until I was introduced to the Excellence of Execution – Bret “Hitman” Hart. But the Hulkster managed to maintain his prestige and recapture his edge in WCW when he joined with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the nWo. And in doing so, he cemented his legacy with fans the world over.

PCS Hulk Hogan

This sensational Hulk Hogan statue will set you back a leg-dropping $665. And it should release between September and November 2022. As always, Sideshow has a range of flexible payment schemes to make buying the Hulkster even more manageable. So don’t wait.  Pre-order yours now, brother!

So whatcha gonna do when the PCS Hulkamania statue runs wild on you?!


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