Free! once again joins forces with Coco’s for a new promotional campaign!

Just like for The Final Stroke Part 1, Free! and Coco’s are teaming up again for The Final Stroke Part 2. As this is the last movie, they’re giving us even more characters in this new promotional campaign. Indeed, along with Haruka, Rin, Makoto, Ikuya, Asahi, Rei, Nagisa and Hiyori, this time Natsuya and Nao are also present. It’s a great way to celebrate the conclusion of this saga. I am sure it will make a lot of fans happy as Natsuya and Nao were mostly absent from The Final Stroke Part 1 promotional campaigns.

This new campaign starts on Thursday January 20 and ends on Wednesday March 16. Though, you can buy the banners on Zensho store until March 17.

As usual, it features a special menu and some amazing exclusive merchandise including clear file folders, tapestries, banners, cardboard cutouts… Since there a lot of characters, the clear file folders campaign will be divided in 4 parts. From January 20th to February 2nd, you can get Rin, Hiyori and Rei. From February 3rd to February 16th, you can get Makoto, Natsuya and Nagisa. From February 17th to March 2nd, you can get Haruka, Sousuke and Nao. And finally from March 3rd to March 16th, you can get Ikuya, Asahi and clear file folder featuring Rin, Haruka and Makoto.

Check out our gallery to see all the other merchandise you can get with this campaign:

Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 will be released on April 22 in Japanese cinemas.

Source: Coco’s


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