September 22, 2023
Hot Toys Wonder Woman WW84 Deluxe Review

“This figure has without any doubt the best Hot Toys Wonder Woman headsculpt so far! It is simply spot on! Moreover, this is an amazing figure! If you love Wonder Woman 1984, this is a must !”

Hot Toys is finally releasing their first Wonder Woman figure from Wonder Woman 1984. It was released in December in Hong Kong and now Sideshow is finally shipping pre-orders for markets outside Asia. The Golden Armor exists in the basic versions and deluxe versions. The difference is that the deluxe comes with spread wings as well.


Hot Toys Wonder Woman

The box is HUGE. It is bigger than two basic boxes put together. This already gives you an idea of how big the spread wings are. It has a pretty cool design with the Wonder Woman symbol at the center and inside a picture of the character. When you open the first part of the box, there is a second image with “Truth, Love & Justice” written on it. It is one of the taglines of the movie and what the character is all about.


Hot Toys Wonder Woman

You do get a few accessories with this figure. The display base is a square one with the WW symbol in the middle and a blue promotional drawing of the character. This design of base has already been used before. I have to say it’s pretty neat. And I like the golden nameplate, it fits since it’s the golden armor figure! As for the stand, it’s a dynamic one. The pole is the same as usual but the second piece is different because it needs to hold the wings when you display her with the spread wings.

Then, there are six interchangeable hands. Obviously, it is not a lot but I think it is exactly what is needed for this figure. This figure also comes with the lasso of truth. It is the same as the previous Wonder Woman figures, a rope painted in gold. There is a piece of plastic with it to give it a different pose when the figure is holding it.

Then you have Wonder Woman’s helmet, it’s two different pieces. Be careful when you install it on her head, you wouldn’t want to damage the head sculpts paint. I love the paint job on it, it’s vibrant and it feels like a proper golden armor.

As for the wings, you have two types of wings – neutral mode and spread wings. Both look great by the way. Like the helmet, the paint job is neat. Neutral mode wings are easier to use for display. Indeed, they do not take a lot of space and are easy to use. The spread wings are huge and quite impressive. They do take up a lot of space so it’s more difficult to display. And when you use them, you absolutely need the stand because they are way too heavy for the figure. Both wings can move slightly so you can adjust them for your poses.


Hot Toys Wonder Woman

I have been waiting for this figure since its announcement. I love the suit. And I have to say Hot Toys hasn’t disappointed us! They have done a great job recreating this Wonder Woman‘s armor. The armor parts have a striking gold paint with reflective effects. It may be plastic but it looks amazing!

As for the undersuit, it has two different patterns – one for the legs and one for the upper body. Though, considering the type of fabric used, I would recommend being careful with posing the figure.


Hot Toys Wonder Woman

The headsculpt has been a subject of controversy, I have seen people hating it and I have seen people loving it. But honestly, when I look at it, all I see is Gal Gadot. The previous Hot Toys Wonder Woman head sculpts from Hot Toys were not the best. Indeed, there was always something off but not with this one. This is Gal Gadot right here. It is the first time we get an headsculpt this good of her. And we have to thank Yulli Choi for that. It was painted by JC Hong and E Lee and the head director was Tae Ho Kang. An incredible team for sure! It is simply amazing.

However, there is one thing I have to say about it. I have always said I’m not a fan of rooted hair, I prefer sculpted hair. And here they used rooted hair. Though, I can understand why they went this way. You can put the helmet on so by going rooted, it’s quite simple to do. If they had gone sculpted hair, they should have included another hair sculpture for when the helmet is on. So sometimes, you have to compromise to get better results.



This figure has without any doubt the best Hot Toys Wonder Woman headsculpt so far! It is simply spot on! Moreover, this is an amazing figure! If you love Wonder Woman 1984, this is a must! As for which version you should get? It depends on if you are planning to use the spread wings. I think both versions are worth it. 

The Hot Toys Wonder Woman Golden Armor from Wonder Woman 1984 is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States and is available to pre-order NOW! 

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