September 27, 2023

Free! is doing a second collaboration with Karaoke Tetsujin.

Before the release of The Final Stroke Part 2, Free! had teamed up with Karaoke Tetsujin (Karatez). And today, they have announced a second collaboration with them. This is once again the same illustration. Except that they added Nagisa, Rei and Sousuke.

This new collaboration starts on July 1st and will end on August 16. It takes place at the Karaoke Tetsujin of Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, Sakuragicho and Funabashi. And just like last time, there is a special menu. Moreover, there are several types of goods available such as coasters, placemats and postcards

If you do not live in Japan and you still want some of the merchandise, don’t worry Animate will sell some of it. Check out the official website to see when the online reservations start.

SOURCE: Karaoke Tetsujin 

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