December 11, 2023

Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 is coming on blu-ray and DVD next year!

The second part of Free! The Final Stroke was released in Japanese cinemas back in April. And fans will have to wait April 5 2023 to get the blu-ray and DVD of the film. This is literally a year later. But there is a good reason why it is getting its home video release in 2023. Next year is the 10 year anniversary of the Free! saga. This is the perfect way to celebrate it.

Along with the release dates, some details about this box set have been revealed. The box will be a digipack with YORKE’s painting. Special benefits also include a special book and a clear visual sheet of the film. Moreover, as usual, there will be additional benefits depending on where you pre-order it.

  • Animate: a clear file and 5 clear sheets (L90 x H143mm): Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Ikuya and Sosuke
  • Amazon Japan: a three-side additional cover with Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Ikuya, Sosuke, Asahi, Hiyori, Nagisa and Rei
  • Amiami: a mouse pad featuring the Part 2 key visual
  • Canime: A B2 promotional poster
  • Kyoani Shop: a set of cards, pre-orders start in late December
  • Gamers: an A3 tapestry featuring Haruka, Rin, Ikuya and Sosuke
  • Joshin: an A5 clear file featuring the Part 2 teaser visual
  • Seven: a ticket case featuring the Part 2 key visual
  • Sofmap Animega: A3 half tapestry (3 types): Haruka, Rin, Ikuya
  • Tower Records: 3 postcards: Haruka, Makoto, Rin
  • Tsutaya: 2L bromide featuring the Part 2 key visual
  • Toranoana: an A3 tapestry featuring Rin and Sosuke
  • Neowing: an A4 carrier bag (made of polyethylene) featuring the Part 2 key visual
  • HMV: an A3 clear poster featuring Haruka, Rin, Ikuya and Sosuke
  • Rakuten Books: an A3 cloth poster and 5 L size bromides featuring, Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Nagisa and Rei

Furthermore, in August 2023, there will be a event in Saitama to celebrate this special anniversary. On August 13 2023, fans will be able to gather with the cast and crew to celebrate our beloved saga. Tickets sales will be included with the blu-ray release.

SOURCE: Kyoto Animation


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