Black Adam is Coming To Fortnite

Get ready DC fans because Black Adam is taking over Fortnite. Dwayne Johnson teases the imminent arrival of Teth-Adam on Epic Games’ new chrome map!

Get ready DC fans because Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is taking over Fortnite. With just under two weeks until the DC antihero unleashes his power in cinemas, the actor has taken to Twitter to reveal that his character is coming to dominate Epic Games’ new chromed map. The latest DC collaboration promises to be one of the standout events of Fortnite’s winter season and follows on from the recent Dreamer crossover. But that pales in comparison to Johnson’s chiseled antihero. Check out the reveal below.

Sadly, the full details of Black Adam’s arrival are yet to be revealed. However, Johnson’s tweet does mention that more details will arrive sometime during tomorrow’s world premiere. So the wait won’t be too arduous. And more Black Adam can only be a good thing, right? Of course, this isn’t Johnson’s first collaboration with Epic Games. Recently, the actor has been on hand to lend his likeness to the character known as the Foundation, the leader of the seven. A crossover that went down well with fans and gamers alike. So here’s hoping this crossover is just as awesome!

Black Adam is Coming To Fortnite

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