Holy DC Multiverse | King Tut, Radioactive Batman and Two-Face Join McFarlane's Batman 66 Retro Collection

Look out Batman 66 fans because King Tut, Radioactive Batman, and Two-Face are coming to McFarlane’s DC Retro collection!

Holy new figures, Batman! Citizens of Gotham beware because McFarlane Toys’ Batman 66 Rogues Gallery is expanding. The awesome action figure line has already delivered wonderful action figure versions of The RiddlerThe Joker, and Catwoman to menace the dynamic duo. But now, McFarlane Toys has shared our first look at King Tut – yes the infamous Pharaoh of Rogues is finally making his debut in the new 6″ scale. And the face sculpt looks impressive. But if you thought that was enough to have you reaching for the Batpoles, think again. Because the line will also find itself treated to the debut of Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

Of course, Two-Face never encountered the Dynamic Duo in the classic series. But thanks to the Batman 66 comic line and the hijinks of the superb Batman vs Two-Face animated movie, Adam West’s Caped Crusader finally added this DC icon to his gallery of super criminals.


In addition to King Tut and Two-Face, the line will see the addition of the legendary pink-cowled Radioactive Batman. In the series, the bright knight thwarts the Mad Hatter’s plans with a decontaminated cowl, and this new figure captures that iconic episode to perfection. And of course, another new figure of Adam West in a pink cowl is too irresistible! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Slide down the bat poles and explore these sensational figures.


McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – King Tut

William Omaha McElroy, highly respected professor of Egyptology at Yale University, was struck in the head by a rock during a violent student protest. When he awoke, McElroy believed himself to be the legendary King Tutankhamun reincarnated, and Gotham City the ancient city of Thebes. From that moment, King Tut sought his rightful throne and city at any cost. Therefore, the Caped Crusaders, and any whom oppose him, are treacherous rebels. Pre-order here.

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McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Radioactive Batman

Kapow! The debonair millionaire Bruce Wayne may seem like your average cool cat, but you would be wrong! With the flip of a Shakespeare head bust and… to the Batcave! Gotham City is filled with a rogue’s gallery of criminals eager to unmask the Batman, but they are thwarted by the Caped Crusader’s own clever ways. Pre-order here.

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McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Two-Face

Harvey Dent has led a deeply conflicted life. Possessing a split personality that veers between two extremes—good and evil—Dent goes by the name of Two-Face. It is an apt description of his physical appearance. Scarred by acid into outwardly becoming the monster he once hid away from the world, Two-Face has become a tragic figure and one of Batman’s most unpredictable and dangerous opponents. Pre-order here.

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As mentioned above, these amazing new figures are available to pre-order at Target in the United States now. International markets should check their regular vendors for pre-orders in the coming days. As always, we’ll update the site as soon as we hear more about these releases. But in the meantime, get ready to welcome another awesome collection of figures into your Batcave!

Will you be adding these sensational new figures to your collection? Leave us a comment below.

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