Kyoto Animation announces the release of Tsurune The Linking Shot on blu-ray & DVD.

Tsurune The Linking Shot season 2 is currently airing in Japan and around the world. And today, Kyoto Animation has announced the release date of the season on blu-ray and DVD in Japan. Internationally it will be Sentai Filmworks handling the release. In Japan, series releases are divided in volumes. The first volume will be released on March 15, the second on April 19 and the third on May 17.

Furthermore, they revealed the cover of the first volume. It features Minato, Seiya and Masaki in a beautiful new illustration.

This first volume includes the first 5 episodes of season 2. It comes as a digipack and the episodes are contained in one disc for the blu-ray. It also includes a special booklet, a sticker, a poetry photo card (Nikaido) and a priority ticket for the ticket sale of the Tsurune event on September 3rd. That event will take place in Tokyo at Nakano (not Nagano, the town of the series). If you get the first press edition, you will also get a rubber strap of the ‘Summer Servant’ T-shirt.

On the bonus feature side, there is the usual audio commentary for each episode, the opening credits without the text, the different teasers and trailers and an audio content of Tsurune – Irodori no Hitosa-.

The blu-ray first press costs 16,500 Yen, the blu-ray and DVD editions cost 14,300 Yen.

Finally, Kyoto Animation has also unveiled the different benefits you get if you pre-order them in advance.

  • Animate – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: an A3 cloth poster

  • Animate – volume 1: 3 L-size bromide (Minato, Seiya, Ryohei)

  • Animate – volume 2: 3 L-size bromide (Nano, Kaito, Masaki)

  • Animate – volume 3: 3 L-size bromide (Shu, Nikaido, Fuwa)

  • Amazon – volume 1: 10 visual sheets

  • Amazon – volume 2 and 3: 8 visual sheets
  • Canime – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: a B2 promotional poster

  • Kyoto Animation shop – volume 1: an A2 cloth poster

  • Kyoto Animation shop – volume 2 and 3: to be determined
  • HMV – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: a storage box for the volumes

  • 7net – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: an eco bag

  • Rakuten Books – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: a tea cup

  • Amiami – volume 1: a 2L bromide (Minato, Nanao, Nikaido)

  • Amiami – volume 2: a 2L bromide (Shu, Ryohei, Masaki)

  • Amiami – volume 3: a 2L bromide (Seiya, Kaito, Fuwa)

  • Sofmap – if you pre-order the 3 volumes: an A5 acrylic clock

SOURCE: Official Site

Tsurune season 2 is now streaming on HIDIVE. Season 1 is also streaming on Crunchyroll.


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