The Mandalorian May Have Revealed An Interesting Detail About Captain Phasma

Has The Last Jedi confirmed that Captain Phasma is one of Moff Gideon’s proposed Beskar-enhanced Imperial Troopers as suggested in The Mandalorian? 

The latest episode of The Mandalorian, which first premiered during the Star Wars Celebration, was one of the more extraordinary episodes of the entire series. Especially as it delved deeper into the lore of Mandalore. And while there were many highlights in the series, one surprise was the pinnacle of enjoyment in the episode.

That was the reveal of the Praetorian Guards, who are now Moff Gideon’s guards. Suddenly, their brief involvement in The Last Jedi is far more layered. These shiny red warriors, who Kylo and Rey had difficulty fighting, apparently had been wearing Beskar armor the entire time. Now, it makes sense why there were such worthy adversaries. After seeing the episode, it got me thinking about another character from the Sequel Trilogy who could be excitingly linked to The Mandalorian. Captain Phasma.

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Since she appeared in The Force Awakens with that distinct chrome armor, I have always been fascinated by her story. Now it seems she was most likely wearing Beskar armor the entire time without us knowing it. And there is proof of this fact in The Last Jedi.

In The Last Jedi, we see her face off against Finn and Rose. If you may remember, in a desperate attempt, Rose shoots directly at Phasma, and, standing there, Phasma’s armor deflects the blaster bolt. I never really thought about it then. But now it seems obvious, Phasma was definitely wearing Beskar. With Moff Gideon claiming in an extraordinarily villainous monologue in the previous episode that he is ready to make the Empire even more remarkable, it makes sense that his machinations would lead to someone like Phasma benefiting from his Purge of Mandalore and the mineral that made them the incredible civilization that they are.

(Center): Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) with Imperial armored commandos in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.


As a Star Wars fan, it is exciting to see so many intriguing threads connected to the Sequel Trilogy through The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian. And yeah, this information has made Captain Phasma just that much more remarkable.

The Mandalorian Season 3 concludes on Disney Plus on April 19th, 2023.

Are you enjoying the third season so far? Will the crew of The Ghost arrive to aid the Mandalorians? Are you hoping Boba Fett saves the day? Sound off and share your thoughts below.





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