A behind the scene shot of Kosuke Suzuki in Jack o’ Frost © "Jack o' Frost" Production Committee.

We talked with Japanese actor Kosuke Suzuki about his recent and upcoming works.

We recently talked with Japanese actor Kosuke Suzuki. We looked back on his first lead role in the Boys’ Love drama Jack o’ Frost, his appearance in the series From Me To You: Kimi Ni Todoke, and talked about his upcoming projects and his life.

The interview was done in Japanese so this is an English translation. You can also read the whole interview in Japanese below.

PART I: JACK O’ FROST (ジャックフロスト)

Kosuke Suzuki as Fumiya Ikegami in Jack o’ Frost © “Jack o’ Frost” Production Committee.

Thomas: Hi, nice to meet you. I appreciate your work as an actor. Could you tell us what was your reaction when you were selected for the lead role in Jack o’ Frost?

Kosuke Suzuki: It was my first leading role, so when my manager told me I was cast, I didn’t believe it at first. It was only after reading the proposal and meeting with the producer that became more and more real.

Thomas: How did you prepare for the role of Fumiya? Also, did you have any concerns about the role?

Kosuke Suzuki: During rehearsals with Kyoya Honda, who played the role of Ritsu, we shared memories outside work to better understand our respective characters. As my character was supposed to do household chores and cook perfectly, I actively worked on those skills. I also portrayed my character while staying close to Fumiya’s state of mind.

Thomas: What memories do you keep from filming the series?

Kosuke Suzuki: Filming at Yamanakako was fun. We had been filming most of the series in Tokyo, so when we went to Yamanakako, there were swans and snow, and it created a very pleasant travel-like atmosphere during filming.

Thomas: What was the most challenging scene to shoot in Jack o’ Frost?

Kosuke Suzuki: The fight scenes in the beginning and episode 5 were the most challenging. We filmed this scene, which was almost three pages long, in one continuous take, with the camera following the characters throughout. We were able to bring out a realistic sense of suspense in a tense environment where even the slightest mistake was not allowed. We had to do about 7 takes, so that scene was really tough to shoot.

Thomas: What does Jack o’ Frost means to you?

Kosuke Suzuki: It’s a work that has been seen by a lot of people, and it’s also my first work. I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, such as Kyoya Honda, Director Yasukawa and Director Takahashi, as well as the staff. I myself also grew a lot through this work. Jack o’ Frost was a work that brought out the charm of something that I myself didn’t know, so I think it was a great work.

Thomas: Would you like to appear in another Boys’ Love as the lead role in the future?

Kosuke Suzuki: I’m not thinking about it right now! Ritsu might get jealous, so I might not do it, but I also have a desire to try other works!


Kosuke Suzuki as Joe in Kimi Ni Todoke Cr. NETFLIX © 2023

Thomas: In Kimi ni Todoke, you played the comical character Joe. Did you read the original story before filming?

Kosuke Suzuki: Before starting work on the series, I bought and read the manga over and over again. It’s a work that I truly love.

Thomas: What drew your interest to be a part of Kimi Ni Todoke?

Kosuke Suzuki: I watched the movie Kimi ni Todoke (2010) and loved the work. I was happy to be able to be part of this work, so I decided to participate.

Thomas: In Kimi ni Todoke, you have a karaoke scene in which you sing. Would you like to play the role of a singer in a movie or drama in the future?

Kosuke Suzuki: I do like singing, so I would like to give it a try! However, I’m not very good at memorizing lyrics, so it might be a struggle…


Kosuke Suzuki as Fumiya Ikegami in Jack o’ Frost © “Jack o’ Frost” Production Committee.

Thomas: Which role are you the most proud of in your career so far?

Kosuke Suzuki: It would be my role as Fumiya in Jack o’ Frost. It was my first leading role, so I hold it dear to my heart.

Thomas: You are set to be a part of the theater play Wingless in May. How are the rehearsals going? And are you looking forward to it?

Kosuke Suzuki: We are having fun rehearsing every day. It’s been three years since my last stage performance, and it’s the first time I’ll be performing in a big theater, so I’m nervous about what will happen, but I hope to enjoy this excitement too.

Thomas: You already had experience with performing on stage before, which one do you feel more comfortable with, acting in front of an audience or in front of a camera?

Kosuke Suzuki: I think there’s no difference between movies, dramas, and stage performances. It’s difficult to portray a personality other than yourself in all of them.

Thomas: Do you have any upcoming movie or drama projects in the near future?

Kosuke Suzuki: I have a few projects in the works! Stay tuned!

Thomas: You previously said you like baseball. How did you feel about the victory of the Japanese national team? What do you like about this sport?

Kosuke Suzuki: I was really inspired by the team’s victory. Baseball highlights individual performances and personal skills, but it made me realize how much of a team sport it is where everyone joins forces to achieve the same goal: victory.

Thomas: If you had the chance to play the role of a baseball player in a drama or a movie, would you do it?

Kosuke Suzuki: I would love to do it, but since I am an amateur, it will require a lot of practice (laughs).

Thomas: I also heard that you like plants. What kind of plants do you have at home?

Kosuke Suzuki: I have a lot, it’s like a jungle (laughs). I have many different types, such as Everfresh, Augusta, and many others.

Thomas: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Kosuke Suzuki: I like to watch movies, eat junk food, and just spend time lazily at home.

Thomas: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Kosuke Suzuki: I strongly want to be in a certain work! It’s still a secret! If it happens, I’ll tell you that my dream came true!

Thomas: Have you thought about becoming a director or a screenwriter one day?

Kosuke Suzuki: I’m not considering it at the moment. I’ve seen it up close and personal, so I feel like it’s not something I could do for now.

Thomas: Finally, do you have a message for your fans overseas?

Kosuke Suzuki: Thank you for always supporting me! Even though we speak different languages, I’ve learned that we can all give power to each other. I will continue to work hard as an actor! Thank you for your support!

– Profile
Kosuke Suzuki

Kosuke Suzuki was born on December 19, 1997 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He gained attention in 2019 in the series Who is the wolf ? (Season 5) , which aired on ABEMA. He has since appeared in several television dramas, including Solomon no Gisho on WOWOW in 2021, Jizoku Kanona Koi Desuka? ~ Chichi to Musume no Kekkon Koushinkyoku ~ on TBS in 2022, and Kanojo, Okarishimasu on ABC in 2022. In 2023, he had regular roles in Akai Ringo on ABC, From Me To You: Kimi ni Todoke on Netflix, and played the leading role in the television drama Jack o’ Frost on MBS, thus expanding his activities as an actor. He is also set to appear in the stage play Wingless -Tsubasa wo Motanu Tenshi-.



Kosuke Suzuki as Fumiya Ikegami in Jack o’ Frost © “Jack o’ Frost” Production Committee.


鈴木康介: 初の主演だったので、最初マネージャーさんに告げられた時はドッキリじゃないかと思いました。



鈴木康介: 律の役の本田響矢さんとリハーサルの際に劇中以外での二人の思い出を話し合い共有していました。後は家事や料理が完璧にできる役だったので、普段から家事や料理を積極的に取り組みました。郁哉の考えや思いつくことに寄り添いながら演じました。

Thomas: シリーズの撮影に関する思い出はございますか?

鈴木康介: 山中湖での撮影は楽しかったです、ずっと東京で撮影だったので、山中湖に行った時は白鳥がいたり、雪が降っていたり旅行気分での撮影で楽しかったです。


鈴木康介: 冒頭と5話で流れるケンカのシーンです。3ページ近くの長いシーンを頭からカメラをずーっと流しっぱなしで撮影しました。少しのミスも許されない緊迫した現場でリアルなドキドキ感を引き出させてもらえました。7テイクくらいしました、あのシーンは本当に大変でした。


鈴木康介: 沢山の人に知ってもらえた作品でもありますし、初めての作品でもありますし、本田響矢さん、安川監督、高橋監督、スタッフの皆さん、沢山の素敵な出会いがあり、僕自身も沢山成長出来ました。ジャックフロストは僕自身も知らなかった、魅力を最大限に引き出してくださった作品だったと思います!

Thomas: 今後、主演として別のBL作品に出演されたいとお考えですか。

鈴木康介: 今は考えてないです! 律が嫉妬するかもしれないのでやらないかもしれないですね、でも他の作品もやってみたい気持ちもあります!


Kosuke Suzuki as Joe in Kimi Ni Todoke Cr. NETFLIX © 2023


鈴木康介: 作品に入る前に購入して、読みまくりました。本当に大好きな作品です。


鈴木康介: 映画の『君に届け』を観ており本当に大好きな作品だったので、この作品の一員になれることが嬉しく思い、参加させていただきました。

Thomas: 『君に届け』において、カラオケシーンで歌われていますが、将来的に映画やドラマで歌手役を演じられたいとお考えですか。

鈴木康介: 歌うことは好きなのでやってみたいですね! でも歌詞を覚えるのが苦手なので苦戦しそうです、、

パート3 : 個人的なこと

Kosuke Suzuki as Fumiya Ikegami in Jack o’ Frost © “Jack o’ Frost” Production Committee.

Thomas: 今までのご出演作品の中で、特に誇りに思われる役柄は何ですか。

鈴木康介: ジャックフロストの郁哉です。初の主演だったので思い入れはあります。

Thomas: 5月に上演される舞台『Wingless』に出演される予定ですが、お稽古の様子はいかがでしょうか。また、楽しみにしておられますか。

鈴木康介: 毎日楽しく稽古しております。3年ぶりの舞台で、しかも初めて大きな劇場でやるのでどうなるか分からなくてドキドキですが、このドキドキも楽しめたらなと思います。

Thomas: これまでに舞台出演の経験がある中で、お客様の前で演じるのとカメラの前で演じるのとでは、どちらがご自身にとっては快適ですか。

鈴木康介: 映画もドラマも舞台も違いはないと僕は思います。全てにおいて自分以外の人格を演じるのは難しいです。

Thomas: 近い将来、出演される映画やドラマの予定はございますか。

鈴木康介: 何作かあります!お楽しみに!

Thomas: 野球がお好きとのことですが、日本代表チームの勝利について、いかがお感じになりましたか。このスポーツの中で何が好きですか。

鈴木康介: ものすごく刺激をもらいました。野球って個人プレーや個々の力が目立ちますが改めてチームスポーツなんだなと、みんなの向かう先が同じじゃないと勝てない、そう思いました。


鈴木康介: やるからには素人なのでもう練習ですね笑

Thomas: また、植物もお好きと伺いましたが、お宅にはどのような植物がありますか。

鈴木康介: 沢山あります、ジャングルです。笑エバーフレッシュ、オーガスタ、などなど沢山あります。

Thomas: お時間のあるときには、何をすることがお好きですか。

鈴木康介: 映画をみたり、ジャンクフードを食べたり、だらだら家で過ごす事が好きです。

Thomas: 今年の残りの期間に向けて、どのような目標をお持ちでしょうか。

鈴木康介: とある作品に出たいと強く思っています!これはまだ秘密です!もし決まったら皆さんに夢が叶った!と伝えます!

Thomas: いつか監督や脚本家になられることをお考えですか。

鈴木康介: 今のところ考えてないです、間近で見てきているので、僕には無理だと思ってしまいます。

Thomas: 鈴木さんの海外のファンの方々へのメッセージはありますか。

鈴木康介: いつも応援してくださりありがとうございます!言語は違っても、皆さんにパワーを与える事が出来るし、皆さんからパワーをもらえることを知りました。引き続き俳優活動頑張ります!応援よろしくお願いします!


1997 年 12 月 19 日生まれ。愛知県出身。ABEMA「白雪とオオカミくんには騙されない 」(2019)で注目を集め、WOWOW「ソロモンの偽証」(2021)、TBS「持続可能な恋ですか?~父と娘の結婚行進曲~」(2022)、ABC「彼女、お借りします」(2022)にレギュラー出演。2023年は、ABC「アカイリンゴ」にレギュラー出演、Netflix「君に届け」にレギュラー出演 、MBS「ジャックフロスト」では連続ドラマ初主演を務め、舞台「ウィングレス(wingless)-翼を持たぬ天使-」の出演を控えるなど、俳優としての活動の幅を広げている。

Special thanks to Sara who handled the translation.

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