Celebrate A Centenary of Magic with the Disney Decades Collection

Darcie decided to take a detour into the enchanting realm of Disney to discover the latest Disney Decades Collection.

If you’ve somehow missed it, Disney is celebrating 100 years of magic. These 100 years are full of wonderful feature Length films both animation and live-action, shorts, TV shows, theme parks, cruise liners, and more. Disney has had a wonderful 100 years. So it’s no wonder they want to celebrate this milestone with us. A Disney celebration means events at all 6 Disney parks as well as lots of new merchandise. Similar to the main attraction collections of the past few years, Disney 100 is being celebrated by a monthly decades collection. (Although, outside of this collection there is further Disney 100 merchandise releasing).

Disney Decades Collection


Each month we will be showcasing a dedicated collection inspired by a different Decade of Disney. Celebrating our classic films, we will bring you a curated page to shop from shopDisney. There will be 10 releases in total. Each covers a decade, which is super exciting! The first two decades the 1920s and 1939s have already been released. Let’s take a look at both collections!

Disney 100 The Decades Collection


In the 1920s, the debut of one soon-to-be very popular Mouse – Mickey Mouse. Perhaps the most iconic character ever created. Walt Disney created an amazing empire of magic and ambition and Mickey Mouse is the shining star of it all. The 1920s Decade collection is made up of five pieces. Firstly there are the vintage style Mickey and Minnie Mouse small plush toys, both in black and white. Minnie and Mickey wear their outfits from the short Steamboat Willie which premiered on the 18th November 1928. The toys come in a mesh Disney100 bag making them perfect collector’s items and cost £35.00.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Disney100 Decades Ears Headband for Adults, 1 of 10


Next, we have a pair of black and white Steamboat Willie ears. These are especially cute. Each ear features two images from the short. Mickey features in three of the images whilst the Steamboat takes center stage in the fourth. The ears feature a silver plaque on the back that reads ‘Disney 100 Decades.’ The ears are priced at £30.00 and do not feature a bow, making them perfect for all Disney fans to style on park days. Next, we have a Loungefly backpack.

The bag is a tribute to cinema and steamboat Willie, featuring stills from the short. The front pocket is shaped like a film reel with cartoon stills unspooling within, on the sides there are film stop pockets which add to the magic. There is nothing not to love about the backpack, priced at £75.00 it’s certainly worth it. The final item is a pin badge of Mickey with the boat wheel by his side. The pin features a stamp on the back reading ‘Disney pin trading 2023’ and comes with the Mickey icon pin-backs. This is a cute pin, but for £29 I would have liked the wheel to spin.

Disney 100 The Decades Collection

THE 1930s

On to the 1930s collection! The 1930s saw the release of the first animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Disney Decades collection celebrates this moment of history with Snow White Ears, which feature a bow in the design of the sleeves of Snow White’s classic dress, with a glittering apple in the middle. The ears themselves feature sequin-covered images of the Princess and her animal friends. These ears also feature a silver plaque and cost £30.00.

The 1930s Loungefly is based on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon short shown in color. The Mickey Backpack features moveable arms and gold detailing – a magical Mickey accessory. The final item is a set of two badges: Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar. These badges cost £20.00 for the set. And the Clarabelle pin even comes with a little bell!

Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar Disney100 Decades Limited Release Pin Set

I cannot wait to see what films join the celebration throughout the collection. With the collection celebrating ten decades, there is sure to be something for everyone to love! Here is to a wonderful year full of Disney 100 magic.






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