The Eminence In Shadow: Master Of Garden launches on PC today!

Today, Crunchyroll Games, the interactive division of the global leader in anime, is launching The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden on Windows PC worldwide later today (ex East Asia, Belgium and the Netherlands). This will let an all-new audience experience the anime RPG based on the hit-light novel and anime, The Eminence in Shadow. Now across three platforms (PC, Android and iOS), players can jump into the Seven Shadow Chronicles for game-exclusive official story content, build the ideal team and take on the Cult of Diablos. The game will be downloadable worldwide on the Official Website features cross-platform play and progression with Apple Store and Google Play.

Moreover, Crunchyroll Games celebrates anniversaries across The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, and Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampirewith new content and events.

Alongside the PC Launch of The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden, the fantasy RPG will celebrate six months of mastermind players battling wicked cults in the shadows. All-new characters and rewards are available right now!

  • Fashionable and Fatale, Fan-favorite characters Alpha and Gamma are joining the fight sporting all-new looks—Chinese dresses.
  • Bolster your team! Each player gets 6000 free Phantasm Gems, which can be used to pull up to 20 characters.
  • Experience bonuses for new and returning players! Level up long-time party members  or get newcomers up to speed  faster than ever.

The half-year anniversary event started on May 18  and ends June 8th.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero celebrates its second anniversary from May 24 to June 6 with a truly PLUS ULTRA! event that includes returning heroes and special giveaways. 

  • Hawks is back! The carefree but ever vigilant #2 Pro Hero in Honei has returned, letting players take to the skies and dominate with aerial superiority.
  • 100 free character pulls, letting players create the ultimate team of Quirk wielding heroes and villains. 
  • Login to My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero for 14 straight days of reward.

Download now on Apple Store and Google Play.

Finally, Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is getting a double event with its anniversary collection event from May 21 to June 11 and a Cuisine Dimension Crossover from May 21 to June 19. It has been one year since players first teamed up with the Last Royal Vampire Lilo, her companion Ren, and over 400 otherworldly figures in a JRPG quest to take down a militaristic order called the Holy Land. When the events are served up, players can dig into Cuisine Dimension Spacetime Dungeons to collect delicious rewards or cook up a whole new party by summoning food-themed Cuisine Dimension characters.


The Cuisine Dimension Collaboration and Anniversary Collection Events comes alongside a side dish of all-new gameplay features:

  • New and improved PVP and PVE faction and guild battles to add more strategic challenges for players.
  • Fans of the story will be able to relive or experience previous story content in the new Storybook mode.
  • Brand-new asynchronous PVP exploration teams can be sent into Void Trails for massive rewards.
  • Players can now collect and fully customize their new Dimensional Cabin with unique and fun furniture pieces!
  • Tons of quality-of-life updates like character tags, friend and cross-server chat, and quick clear features will be added.

The game is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

SOURCE: Crunchyroll

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