September 22, 2023

Free! teams up with JOYSOUND again.

For The Final Stroke, Free! had done a great collaboration with JOYSOUND. This time, they’re teaming up again for the 10th anniversary of the franchise. Like the previous collaboration, it doesn’t feature a new illustration of the characters. Instead, for this one it features the illustration of the characters used for the blu-ray release of The Final Stroke Part 2. It features Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Sousuke, Nagisa, Rei, Ikuya, Hiyori and Asahi. This collaboration starts on August 9 and ends on November 12.

There will be a karaoke collaboration room in Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka and Tokyo (Ikebukuro) that features this illustration. Obviously, since this is limited to some JOYSOUND locations, if you want to be able to sing in this room, don’t wait to long to make a reservation.

People who use this collaboration room will receive an exclusive bonus postcard featuring the original members of the franchise – Nagisa, Makoto, Haruka, Rin and Rei!

Moreover, this collaboration has once again non-alcoholic drinks using the colors of the characters. Even though Kaede and Albert are not featured on the illustration, they do have their own drinks!

For each drink bought, customers will receive an exclusive coaster. Starting August 9, there will be a first set of coasters and then from October 1st, there will be another set of coasters. So depending on when you go to JOYSOUND, you can get different coasters.

Finally, there will be goods that customers can buy and for international fans, there is an online store that will open later! These goods are gathered as sets so when you buy one you get one randomly from the set selected.

  • Acrylic badges (10 types) (starting August 9) 880 yen

  • Bottle sticker and mini-coaster (10 types) (starting August 9) 850 yen

  • Mini-Shikishi (10 types) (starting August 9) 660 yen

  • Acrylic badges (3 sets, each one has 8 types) (starting August 18) 880 yen



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