October 4, 2023
Book Review | Star Wars: The High Republic 'Quest for Planet X'

Join Padawan Rooper Nitani and her friends Das Leffbruk and Sky Graff as they try to find Planet X and get caught up in the Path of the Open Hand’s latest plot in this Middle-Grade Adventure. Melissa reviews Star Wars: The High Republic Quest For Planet X

In Quest for Planet X, Padawan Rooper Nitani’s friend Das Leffbruk cons her into helping him and his friend, Sky Graff, in the Hyperspace prospecting race while they use it to search for Planet X. The mysterious planet that Das and his father had previously charted a course to before being betrayed by none other than Sunshine Dobbs. Along the way, they come across a crew they believe is working on comms buoys. But it turns out to be the Kessarine Fel Ix with the Path of the Open Hand. Fel Ix reluctantly joins the younger teens, still believing in the rightness of the Path while not fully understanding what it is he was ordered to do. When news breaks that the Path is set to attack the Republic and the Jedi the group race to the scene with a little help from Fel Ix and save the day.


The main plot revolves around finding Planet X. A mysterious planet that seems to have all kinds of stories about it floating around. No one knows where it is, but everyone agrees it exists. Das and his father found the planet previously before being betrayed by Sunshine. Sky also wants to find the planet as their father was last seen trying to chart a course for it. By the description, I initially thought it might be the same planet Obi-Wan found in Padawan. The two have remarkable similarities. But since Obi-Wan didn’t encounter the Nameless, who we are told are from Planet X, this is unlikely. And indeed the Wookiepedia does list them as separate planets with one being in the Unknown Regions and the other in Wild Space.

In the end, the group arrives at Dalna just as the battle in Cataclysm is happening. Like the previous Middle-Grade novels, this one takes place during those events. And similar to Race to Crashpoint Tower, the groups’ actions directly affect the battle. As in both cases, the young heroes restore communication. The recycled plot point was a little annoying. But it stands to reason that since the Nihil grew out of the Path they would use the same tactics.

The High Republic


Rooper is a fifteen-year-old Padawan stationed on Batuu. Her Master, Shilandra, is on Jedha and she is worried about her after the reports of the battle there. Das, twelve, is her young friend concerned with getting back to Planet X to find his father’s ship which contains the only recording of his deceased mother. Das’s new friend Sky Graff is our non-binary pilot determined to find his father and prove himself to his family. Who we know have a bit of a ruthless streak in this era.

Rooper’s arc deals with her becoming confident in her abilities and trusting her instincts. Sky and Das both have to learn to move on from their grief rather than dwell on it and let it consume them. Fel Ix, the oldest at nineteen, was introduced in Path of Deceit as a young father. A member of the Path, he believes in the Path’s teachings but doesn’t realize what his mission is designed to do. Worried more about getting back to his family, he agrees to help the younger teens. When faced with the truth of the Path’s actions, he is forced to decide whether he will be a party to war or not.

Star Wars The High Republic


This one takes place after the events of the Battle of Jedha audio drama and during the events of Cataclysm. While reading this as an adult will enhance the overall story, the target audience won’t need to know the larger events to understand this one. It fits perfectly into the story timeline without needing to know the events of the adult novels. I still haven’t read Quest for the Hidden City. But like the other Middle-Grade novels in The High Republic, I didn’t need to understand the plot and characters.

This was a quick read with short chapters. The story had a steady pace that built as the duel storylines converged and came to a head during the battle. What starts as a race and an adventure turns into heroic actions to turn the tide of battle. Overall, this is a great romp across the galaxy in The High Republic era. Perfect for late elementary school through middle school age readers.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Quest For Planet X is available to order now.

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