December 2, 2023

Tsurune announces a new collaboration!

Tsurune returned for a second season earlier this year and even though, the season is over, they have just announced a new collaboration! This time, they are teaming up with Roll Ice Cream Factory. The collaboration starts on September 30 and ends on October 26. It takes place at different stores across Japan. The new illustration features all the main characters from Kazemai high school along with Eisuke Nikaido and Shu Fujiwara. They are dressed as waiters from the ice cream factory.

As usual with this type of collab, there is a themed menu with rolled ice creams and drinks representing the characters. For every item bought, people will receive a card randomly that features either all the characters or one of the characters.

And yes, there are also plenty of goods – a drink bottle, acrylic stands, magnets, mini shikishi, a clear file, an A5 notebook and acrylic keychains.

SOURCE: Roll Ice Cream Factory 

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