December 6, 2023

A Bounty Of Rogue One Merchandise Awaits Us…


At the threshold of Toys R Us’ Brent Cross megastore and with midnight fast approaching, my Future of the Force colleagues and I could practically smell the fresh plastic wafting from the case fresh action figures from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With the delights of sharing Midnight Madness with my closest friends and colleagues aside, the tension at the stores entrance was palatable as the clocked ticked ever closer to midnight and launch of the brand new range of figures.

The jovial atmosphere amongst us concealed the crowd’s anticipation for the delights that awaited us inside. On a personal note, my desperation to get my eager collectors hands on the new Imperial Stormtroopers outweighed my need for the other new characters scheduled for release, but as the doors opened to reveal the bounty that lie within, those single minded intentions crumbled into the ether!

As my friends and I approached the impressive Rogue One store display, my eyes were drawn to the stunning Black Series packaging of an unexpected character that had been exiled to the lowest level of collecting priority. Sat on the shelf before me, almost outshining all other figures was the stunning figure of the new entry into the Star Wars droid fraternity, K-2SO.

With the figures overpowering allure taking hold, I found myself drawn to the stunningly detailed Imperial Security Droid and felt a level of euphoric satisfaction as he entered the safety of my shopping cart, in advance of all other figures. Once my plethora of purchases had been concluded and painstakingly paid for, my massing colleagues and I inspected the contents of our brimming shopping bags and evaluated our haul of goodies culminating in each of us selecting which new additions enthralled us the most.

Once again I found K-2SO within my grasp and upon closer inspection, fell in love with the figure just as I did a short time ago whilst collecting my Disney Store Exclusive Elite Series C-3PO and R2-D2. My inner joy was obvious as I held him aloft for my colleagues to see and in that moment, I could sense that this was indeed another of those special moments where a new character enters the realm of personal importance.

Little did I know that once the excitement and joy of Midnight Madness had come to an end that my love for the character would be intensified upon entering the threshold of the Disney Store the very next day. The new wave of Rogue One Elite Series figures had been released and were sitting upon the shelves, their pristine new boxes gleaming under the fluorescent lights and there…sat amongst the stunning new characters was the incredible K-2SO.

I seldom use the phrase breath-taking but seeing the Elite version of this amazing new character was indeed just that. In the aftermath of the previous evenings euphoria, I wouldn’t have believed that the Black Series version of the figure could be surpassed, but the Elite incarnation accomplished it. The figure is truly stunning, arguably the finest figure produced by the team behind the Elite Series and as inconceivable as it was at the time, it overtook the Black Series version as my favourite figure from Rogue Friday with relative ease.

So when my good friend and Future of the Force colleague Andrew In Belfast suggested we share our favourite two items from our Rogue Friday haul with our beloved readers, my decision was amazingly easy.

In first place, to the shock of… no one sits the Disney Store Elite Series die cast K-2SO in all its breath-taking glory which now sits upon my shelf taking pride of place amongst its peers. And in second place, equally as stunning in every detail bar the scale and finish of the Elite range is the Black Series K-2SO.


Against what I thought were insurmountable odds, this new droid has captivated my imagination despite being pitted against my love for the vintage and beloved Imperial Stormtroopers. Not since the arrival of General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith has this happened and the excitement I have gained now serves as the perfect pedestal for enduring the long wait for December 16th and the eagerly anticipated release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Happy hunting and as always…

May The Force Be With You…


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