February 7, 2023

Beware! Mando spoilers ahead!

The animated series Star Wars Rebels continues to tell the story of the growing Rebellion against The Empire through the characters of The Ghost crew. Episode 3.7, “Imperial Super Commandos”, continues this with a combination of great action/adventure with a strong emphasis on character development.

Sabine and her Jet Pack

Sabine faces off with Gar Saxon

Sabine gets to further show off her fighting skills and abilities in this episode. We already saw her fight hand to hand with Empire trained Governor Pryce and won. In this episode, she fights toe to toe with the Imperial Super Commandos and Viceroy Gar Saxon, who is also from her clan and I am sure trained with the same skills as she has.

Sabine uses her training to fight Gar Saxon

She was able to not only to stand her ground during these encounters, but to out think them, escape and fight back against them as well. These scenes show that Sabine’s skills are just as good as seasoned Mandalorians, even those like Saxon, who are older, bigger and male! Go Sabine!

Sabine flying with her Jet Pack carrying a Lightsaber wielding Ezra

Sabine also acquires a jet pack and we see her use it! The jet pack scenes are well choreographed and Sabine maneuvers with it flawlessly, in my opinion, not only to fly, but to fend off and attack as well. I felt her sadness when Saxon damaged it and I sure hope it is repairable!

Ezra makes sure Sabine get into the Phantom II

My friend, Matt Clifton, has this to say about Sabine during this episode.

“This season hasn’t disappointed this fan in further developing one of his favorite characters. Getting a jet pack, defending the honor of her house, and winning the trust and respect of a former enemy. The only thing that would have made this gift of an episode better is if it came with a ….Bo. 😉”

Sabine telling Gar Saxon off

In addition, her character continues to be fleshed out in this episode through not only her actions and fighting skills, but through her conversations with the two different Mandalorian fighters. Fenn Rau, who she wants to ally with and Gar Saxon, who is from her Clan, but embraces The Empire to further his power and influence.

The Phantom II flying towards Concord Dawn

From Antagonist to Ally

Rau and Sabine playing a Chess-like Mandalorian game

I love how this episode starts with Sabine attempting to convince Fenn Rau, the Leader of Concord Dawn, to join The Rebellion. In addition, I like how Kanan says that Rau is just a “cranky guest”. These two scenes show that both Sabine and Kanan feel that eventually Rau would join the Rebel cause and would be someone they could trust despite how he was introduced in Star Wars Rebels as an antagonist.

Rau telling Sabine that he blames her for the death of his men

Rau constantly challenged Sabine and her decisions throughout this episode. Including telling her that Ezra is a Pawn to be sacrificed. Of course she told Rau that Ezra is not a pawn! I believe that it is through these challenges that Rau places his trust in Sabine and in turn The Rebellion.

Gar Saxon wants to know where Fenn Rau is

Johnamarie Macias from the Rebels Chat podcast, provides this insight on this complex character…

“Fenn Rau is one of those characters who gradually grows on viewers. Although he wronged the Rebellion by attacking Hera and her A-wings, he has proved that he has much potential, and I’m glad that he’ll be a force for good, since he could have easily been a personal enemy to Sabine. Now, Fenn is a great resource and ally to her and her group of rebels, so it was great for him to have appeared in this action-packed follow-up episode.”

Fenn Rau deciding to go or stay

On a personal note, I really loved how the episode shows the indecision on Rau’s face when he is thinking about taking the Phantom II and running. This scene makes me think that this might have been the look on Han’s face when he was deciding to help Luke and Leia at the end of A New Hope.

Ezra and his quick thinking and of course wit

Ezra pretending to be Lando

Let us not forget about Ezra and the wit he displays in this episode! He is still a con artist at heart. The different reasons Ezra gives to Saxon about why he was on Concorde Dawn just proves that this is how he survived on his own for so long on Lothal. In addition, his comment to Sabine about her Mandalorian relatives is also one of the best lines I have heard in awhile!

Ezra to Chopper about Sabine’s cousins

Visuals and Music are key storytelling elements

Saxon watching as the Phantom II flies away from Concord Dawn

The episode shows the landscape of Concord Dawn as rough, but beautiful, despite the toll of war on this world. Of course the music, especially the scenes that utilize Sabine’s trademark theme, are as always well done to fit the story.

Chopper on his way to the Phantom II

In addition, the episode also gives you a glimpse of the new Paint job on the Phantom II, seen in the screenshot above as Chopper is arriving onboard. I hope we will see even more of the artwork and design given to this new ship in upcoming episodes.


Imperial Super Commandos

Gar Saxon and some of his Imperial Super Commandos

Finally, the introduction of the new Mandalorian soldiers is interesting. Those that do not know the Legends stories about the Imperial Super Commandos, like myself, may not get just who these new Mandalorians are. All we have is what we learn from the episode, which is that they are Mandalorians with Imperial markings that have cool armor and have awesome jet packs. Not once are they referred to as “Imperial Super Commandos” by Fenn Rau or anyone else during the episode. Rau only says that these Mandalorians are “traitors who work for the Empire”. I am sure we will learn more about these Mandalorians as season three progresses, especially if Sabine’s Mom is one of them.

So what is your opinion of this episode?

Did I miss anything that you wish to highlight and discuss further?

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