February 3, 2023

A closer look at the struggles of Sabine Wren…


Legacy of Mandalore

Now that everyone has had a chance to see “Legacy of Mandalore” we can finally talk about its game-changing moment for the Ghost’s crew. The episode ended dramatically with Sabine deciding to stay with her mother, Ursa Wren, and the Mandalorians in order to save their clan and find someone who could lead their people, thus parting ways with the crew of the Ghost.

The interactions between the members of the Ghost crew will be different now without their favorite Mandalorian. There will also be a change in how we perceive Ezra and Hera who had a lot of dialogue with Sabine. After Ezra and Kanan, she was the character who had the most important number of “centric” episodes. It is not just anyone who has left the series; it was one of the most loved core members.

The changing of the Seasons

Looking back at Sabine’s story since the beginning, it only makes sense that she would leave and join her family once again. Her Mandalorian roots were always there, ready to come back for her to face her big trial.

Starting with Season 1, we already had an idea with “Out of Darkness” that something bad had happened, that she was doing something at the Imperial Academy and somehow escaped after realizing what she was doing. In Season 2 with “Blood Sisters”, we met someone from Sabine’s past — Ketsu — with whom she escaped from the Academy. Despite this the mystery of what occurred on Mandalore remained.

By the time of “Protector of Concord Dawn”, as she was facing Fenn Rau and her Mandalorians, she had embraced a little bit of her Mandalorian roots; using their code to confront Rau. However, we could see she was doing it because of the mission, not by choice. At the end of Season 2, while we knew little about her Mandalorian past, there were ever increasing signs that we were getting the story told, and soon.

Season 3, and it became clear that Sabine’s story arc about her Mandalorian past was coming to fruition. With “Imperial Super Commandos,” we had Fenn Rau finally accepting to join the Rebels after Gar Saxon killed his men. We also had a reference to Sabine’s mother. Then came “Trials of the Darksaber”. This was the turning point for Sabine.

Viewers finally learned what had happened all those years ago as she opened up about her past. She shared the guilt she felt by having built weapons that were used against her people. Furthermore, she truly embraced her Mandalorian roots; wielding the darksaber. On the outside, it just seemed like Sabine had matured. However, it meant something else on a deeper level — everything was going to change. We knew now that she was ready to face her mother, and to face her fellow Mandalorians. The time to choose was coming.


Legacy of Mandalore” was the game-changing episode. Sabine reuniting with her mother Ursa and her brother Tristan, her dialogue with them, her fight with Gar Saxon, Ursa killing Saxon, it had it all. It made Sabine realize that she couldn’t come back to her Rebel crew. Too much had now changed. After what happened, after defeating Saxon, she couldn’t just walk away from her family, she felt duty bound to stay with the Mandalorians.

By fighting Gar Saxon, Sabine has also unleashed a lot of trouble for the Mandalorians. The Empire will now come and try to destroy Mandalore, bringing their people into civil war once again. It will be Sabine who will have to deal with these consequences and that’s why she stayed. She realized that her place now lies with her family, with the Mandalorians.

What’s next for Sabine?

Sabine is on her own path now, a new journey is beginning for her. She has committed to staying with her family and to helping Mandalore while trying to find someone who could be their leader.

We know (thanks to Katee Sackhoff) that Bo-Katan is coming to Star Wars Rebels this season. This could be the leader Sabine is looking for: it’s a possible theory. It also means that while Sabine is away from the Ghost crew, it’s not the last time we have seen her character on the show. She will return at the end of the season; most likely when Bo-Katan shows up. If you remember the mid-season trailer, we can see a Mandalorian starfighter among the ship in the rebel fleet which could mean that the Mandalorians will come help our Rebels for the finale…

Of course after this little bit of help, one would assume that the Mandalorians would continue on their own path and take the fight to their home-world alongside Sabine. This would be a way to make her character leave the series in a way that would allow her story to continue with comics, or even novels. She had a great story arc throughout the first three seasons of Rebels and I would definitely love to see more of her in future stories.

A firm favourite

Sabine has become a firm favorite within Star Wars fandom, pretty much everyone loves her character. She is a fun and bad ass Mandalorian after all!

I think she grew on viewers as the series went on, and as we learned more about her character. People obviously loved her change of hair color and armor every season. My personal favorite would be her colors from season 3, it felt more like a warrior to me and she has a jetpack — I mean that’s the basis for Mandalorians, right? Season 3, though, is where she got the character development and story arc she has long deserved.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the Ghost will work without her and how her not being there will impact on the team and also looking forward to her return/to more stories with this character.


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