Be prepared for the biggest event in your Star Wars calendar with these indispensable planning guides

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is only a few weeks away and if you have not already started your planning, you soon will be. With new details about the events and activities coming out every day, NOW is the time to start getting all your ducks in a row on what you want to see and do during your time at Celebration. Fortunately, I found an awesome set of tools created by artist, Jenn DePaola, to help you with planning this upcoming experience.

I was lucky enough to interview Jenn about the creation of these amazing Star Wars Celebration planning tools that she shared on her website,

What motivated you to create and share these planning tools?

My motivation actually started with Celebration Anaheim, I made some itinerary sheets similar to this for my husband and I, and a friend. It helped keep me organized with a crazy fight schedule and all of the other details. I started getting things ready for this Year’s Celebration, and figured that there might be others like me that are a bit obsessed with lists and organizing for trips, and it all kind of just started coming together rather quickly after that.

What inspired the design of these tools?

The design was inspired by The Celebration logo, as well as the classic image of going into hyperspace. I wanted something clean looking though, that was complimentary to the logo and easy to use.

How long did it take you to create these?

I don’t really know the time frame of how long it took, but I would say in the ballpark of about 4 or 5 days total, spread out over a few weeks in between other projects.

What does this set of planning tools consist of?

The set of Star Wars Celebration planning tools consist of the following:

Celebration Trip Budget Sheet: A must have planning tool for those that are on a budget.

Wishlist Budget Sheet: Great for those that are planing on getting some of the Star Wars Celebration Exclusives.

Packing Checklist: A great way to help prepare packing your luggage or carry on for your trip to Celebration.

Costume Packing Checklist: A must have tool for those that will be wearing one or several outfits throughout the event.

Travel Itinerary Sheets: A great way to put all your traveling details in one place and to share with friends and relatives

Panel Schedule Itinerary: With so many panels and events happening at the same time or close to each other, this tool will help you navigate when and where you need to be each day of the event.

What did you use to create these?

It was created using InDesign and Photoshop.

Where can readers of Future of The Force get these planning tools?

You can visit my website

Jenn DePaola is a digital artist & designer with a focus on Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Pinup art. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband, Paul; and their two kitties, Rex & Cody.

Patty Hammond is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan. You can find her on Twitter @PattyBones2 or blogging at,, or talking about Star Wars and much more!

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