February 7, 2023

After an arduous four-week delay…the UK is finally getting the Star Wars: Rebels season three finale!

The UK Star Wars fans are some of the greatest fans in the world…

We are devoted, passionate and care deeply about the content revealed within the narratives of our beloved galaxy far, far away. And yet, we are mistreated at every turn by the very television channel charged with bringing us the stories of Dave Filoni’s stunning animated series, Star Wars Rebels. Throughout its brief four season run, Star Wars Rebels has enjoyed a devoted cult following within the Star Wars fan base and boasts followers from every corner of the world. And yet, in the UK…we are forced to endure agonising waits for certain episodes with no reason provided for the farcical programming witlessness.

Case in point…

The season three finale, titled “Zero Hour” was released to the fans of the United States on 25th March 2017 but was inexplicably removed from the UK programming schedule for reasons unknown. And yet, our social media timelines were awash of spoilers that betrayed the long-awaited narratives we were longing to see resolved. To make matters worse, Dave Filoni introduced us to the trailer for the series’ fourth and final season at Star Wars Celebration Orlando and ruined yet, even more of the unanswered questions from the unaired third seasons conclusion.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident…check this out:


The programming schedule from Disney XD in the UK is shambolic…

Now, exactly one month after its debut in the USA…” Zero Hour” will finally arrive on UK screens this Saturday 22nd April 2017. Normally this news would be something to rejoice, but it cannot hide the fact that many of the storylines, unresolved for the UK fans have been ruined by the both social media, the Star Wars Rebels panel and the live stream coverage of Star Wars Celebration beamed across the internet.

Why Disney XD UK decided upon this short-sighted programming blunder is a mystery…but this manner of mistreatment of a property we all love cannot be allowed to continue. The final season has been confirmed to be a series of interwoven stories that will resolve the story arcs of both Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and the band of Rebels struggling against the tyranny of the Empire, but we live in a time where the fans of the UK fear being late to the party and overlooked once again.

This cannot be allowed to continue, and I call upon Disney XD UK to address this issue and ensure the fans of the UK that they will not be forced to endure the same mistreatment for what will be a sad and emotional farewell to the series we all love.

Until then…

Enjoy the series finale of Star Wars Rebels season three this Saturday at 9.00am on Disney XD UK…but for many of us, it will come one month too late!

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