The Force is strong with these cosplayers at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

One of the things I like best about going to an event like Star Wars Celebration is the variety of cosplay on display. I am always amazed not only with the craftsmanship of the costumes, but the imagination and love shown from all those that dress up as a Star Wars character or even a mash up of a Star Wars character with another franchise.

Between my husband, Michael, myself and our friend in The Force, Brian Sims, we were able to capture this love for the Star Wars Universe through the characters wandering around the Orange County Convention Center and the surrounding hotels. Below are pictures of the cosplay we saw during our time at Star Wars Celebration Orlando:

Amazing Bo-Katan and Sabine picture by Brian Sims
Trooper Jedi and Cy Snoodles at the 501st Party picture by Brian Sims
Count Dooku from The Saber Guild picture by Patty Hammond
Chewbacca is still trying to kill Kylo Ren for what he did to Han Solo picture by Patty Hammond
Jedi Captain Jack Sparrow picture by Brian Sims
Dutchess Satine makes her appearance known at SWCO picture by Michael Hammond
Clones Gregor and Captain Rex reunited picture by Patty Hammond
Two Star Wars generations: Padme with Sabine picture by Patty Hammond
Gathering of the Ahsoka cosplayers, of all ages, to celebrate #AhsokaLivesDay picture by Michael Hammond
First Doctor Aphra coplayer seen at SWCO picture by Patty Hammond
Awesome Star Tours Cosplay picture by Patty Hammond
Hera and Kanan meet Poe and Rey picture by Michael Hammond
Timothy Zahn meets a female version of his character Thrawn picture by Michael Hammond

Did you go to SWCO?

What cosplay did you see and are willing to share?

Patty Hammond is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan. You can find her on Twitter @PattyBones2 or blogging at,, or talking about Star Wars and much more!


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