September 30, 2023

Hot Kallus outwits Thrawn to join the Rebellion in Star Wars Rebels “Zero Hour”

The path to righteousness is an arduous one. One that will test the very best of even the most battle-hardened warrior. Whether Imperial commandant or Rebel freedom fighter…war will test the nature of every participant and reveal the character hidden within. This where we find Kallus…former Imperial ISB Agent and rebellious Fulcrum informant to the growing alliance of the oppressed.

In the third season of Star Wars Rebels, Kallus went on a personal journey…one that facilitated his eventual betrayal of the Empire and their sinister agents…hell bent of annihilating the Rebellion in its infancy. In the aftermath of a life or death struggle, marooned on desolate ice world with his nemesis Garazeb Orrelios, Kallus had a revelation. One that exposed the cold and heartless regard of the Empire for its sanctioned officers. Whereas Zeb, received a hero’s welcome in the arms of his extended Rebel family…Kallus received little more than a heartless reception that betrayed his insignificance within the grander scheme of the Imperial ranks.

It was a test of his metal, one that faces us all during our own hectic lives…a moment of introspection, where we must decide between what is right and what is wrong, between freedom and oppression and deciding to act upon those conclusions!

This moment of clarity, perpetuated the revelation of his true character and facilitated his betrayal of the cold and heartless Empire, in favour of the warm and welcoming embrace of the Rebellion. Assuming the role of a clandestine informant, Kallus adopted the moniker of Fulcrum and began to leak a constant feed of intelligence to the members of the Rebel high command. This intelligence, proved to be invaluable and the revelation of its origins came as quite a shock to Hera Syndulla, and her band of freedom fighters, who had crossed paths with the Imperial ISB Agent on many previous missions and barely escaped with their lives.

His knowledge of Imperial procedures, in conjunction with his position of power within the ranks of the Empire, proved to be incredibly fruitful and facilitated many victories for the Rebellion. Still, this constant sabotage of the Empire’s plans did not go unnoticed and soon…the scrutinising eyes of the calculated Grand Admiral Thrawn were upon him. Despite his unswerving devotion to concealing his ultimate betrayal, Thrawn skilfully unravelled his deceit and propagated a series of falsehoods for him to transmit to the Rebellion to lure them into the ultimate trap.

Unfortunately, Kallus discovered the treachery of his commandant in the latter stages of the scheme and was unable to transmit a warning in time…and so, the Rebellion was ensnared in Thrawn’s cunning plan. Kallus, was exposed as Fulcrum before being severely beaten by Thrawn and his security detail of Imperial Death Troopers (of Rogue One fame), before being made to watch as the sinister warlord sprang his elaborate trap. Many Rebel vessels were lost, and with them thousands of freedom fighters…sending their leaders into a panic, fleeing to the surface of their command base…leaving Thrawn to revel in his victory.

Thrawn however, failed to consider the ingenuity of Jedi Knights Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, who in turn brought Sabine Wren, and her band of Mandalorian warriors, along with an enraged Bendu (The Force Moose) to attack the overwhelming technological superiority of the Empire.

With the Imperial fleet, outwitted by Sabine and her Mandalorian followers and Thrawn being distracted by the arrival of a spiritual phenomenon of the Bendu, the Rebels made their escape. Kallus, narrowly avoided expulsion from Thrawn’s Star Destroyer air lock and absconded in an escape pod before transmitting a distress call to his new-found allies. Strapped into the pilot seat of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla directed the vessel to retrieve Kallus’ pod whilst the remnants of the Rebel fleet made their escape and jumped to lightspeed. With Kallus in tow, the Ghost escaped the uncoordinated Imperial blockade leaving Thrawn to fume at his failure…

Kallus however, received a hero’s welcome for his efforts and was incorporated into the ranks of the Rebellion. Now free of the Empire’s tyranny, the once great ISB Agent will bring both his experience and expertise to bear on his former stable under the banner of the alliance in the final season of the popular series.

With rumours surfacing, that his name was an Imperial bestowed pseudonym, many fans have made the link between Kallus and Return of the Jedi Rebel General Crix Madine, a well-known Imperial defector. This hypothesis, has left the fans free to create an elaborate connection between the Rebels series and the saga’ sixth instalment, which is an enticing prospect and only adds a level of gravitas to the character. Whether this rumour is revealed to be true remains to be seen, but with season four being confirmed as the final run for the series, we can expect these questions to be answered before the finale.

However, one thing is for certain…

Agent Kallus has earned his stripes in Star Wars Rebels. For a character that many had written off as cannon fodder, he has risen above the limited expectations of the fans and cemented himself as one of the most pivotal characters of the entire series. Looking ahead, we are set for fantastic final season, one that will define it amongst the annals of the new Star Wars canon, and amongst the very core of the narratives…in the very maelstrom of war will be Agent Kallus.

Kudos to Dave Filoni, and his creative team for bringing us yet, another character to the forefront of the franchise that, against all the odds has cemented himself as a pivotal figure in some of the most defining moments of the franchise.

And now, we wait for the final season…with Kallus leading the line against the Empire!

Until then…new season 4 action figure please Hasbro!!

May The Force Be With You


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