September 22, 2023

A positive message for anyone who has never seen Star Wars…here’s 4 reasons to tempt you to join the family!


Why haven’t you seen Star Wars?

Throughout my adult life I have encountered an abundance of people who are yet to experience the unimaginable joys of a Star Wars movie. For one reason or another, they have managed to avoid the sheer magnificence of a galaxy far, far away and are reluctant to cross the threshold in fear of being swept up in a tidal wave of nerd magnetism.

If are you one of those people…this article is for you!

In celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4th, the team here at Future of the Force, are on a mission to share a selection of our top four favourite things about Star Wars. However, I regard this to be the opportune time to share my enthusiasm with you, and extend an invitation for you to join the growing fraternity of the Star Wars family…

So, here are my top four reasons why YOU should be watching Star Wars right now:

  • Movies by design are created to afford us the chance to escape the mundane qualities of our daily lives for a brief time. What better way to escape the stresses of reality than with an excursion to the most exotic destinations imaginable, capable of bringing us a measure of peace, tranquillity and vivid beauty to our soul. No other franchise can boast the incredible array of diverse destinations presented so famously in the Star Wars universe…
  • The narratives explored in the Star Wars universe are based upon the oldest parables of good versus evil, and explore the very nature of the human spirit. You are invited to explore the very core values of our modern civilised society set amongst the adventures in a galaxy far, far away. The subjects touched on in the Star Wars universe are as widespread as they are infectious. They range from politics, parenthood, family feud, life choices, religion and even romance…nothing is off the table, and we get to immerse ourselves in the ultimate examination of our own nature through the eyes of both the good…and the evil.
  • Community. Being invested in the narratives of the Star Wars universe, every single one of us is embraced with open arms into the fraternity of the Star Wars family. A brotherhood that accepts all entries, from all walks of life…of any shape and size. No one is refused. There is no better place to make the best of friends than at one of the many fan conventions around the world, as well as the abundance of social media connections that propagate the best of friendships. And the greatest platform in the world to facilitate these relationships is the renowned Star Wars Celebration event, established by the key players at the very heart of the franchise itself. It is here that all attendees come together on a pilgrimage, not just to Star Wars…but to the lasting friendships we have established along the way, culminating in the greatest gathering of family on the face of the planet. In the Star Wars community you have friends for life!
  • Music. For over six decades, the musical maestro John Williams has written many of the world’s most renowned symphonies. Time and time again, he has demonstrated an unswerving ability to produce some of the finest Oscar winning musical masterpieces in cinematic history. From the terrifying tones of Jaws, to the magical melody of the Harry Potter theme, the legendary composer can transport us from the deserts of Egypt in Indiana Jones, to the darkest jungles of Jurassic Park. And it is in Star Wars that his incredible talents outshine every other composer. From his pulse pounding action sequences to his beautiful harmonic love themes, Williams can tap into our very soul and inspire an emotional connection that resonates within us all.

The Star Wars universe is an incredible place, and I have found it difficult restricting my reasons to tempt you to just four. There is so much more attached to the Star Wars franchise beyond the films…but it helps that the movies themselves are the finest examples of cinematic escapism that afford us the chance to be someone other than ourselves for the two-hour running time they offer. You will find yourself longing to be one with the Force and wondering…who you would be in the Star Wars universe.

I hope to have tantalised your senses, and inspired you to seek out a screening of Star Wars near you. Whether your tastes run to a classic and the one that started it all in A New Hope, or to the modern upcoming sequel The Last Jedi, there is always a Star Wars film to match your mood…and a congregation of friends waiting to welcome you.

This is why Star Wars is so special to so many people. Once you embrace it, you don’t only gain access to a galaxy far, far away…but to a devoted extended family that has its roots planted in the furthest corners of our real world.

I look forward to being the first to embrace you.

Until then…

May The Force Be With You


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