December 7, 2023

Star Wars interaction on a whole new level

Every year on Force Friday retailers put out displays with the charters from the upcoming movies. Force Friday II is no exception.

However, these displays, especially during Force Friday Weekend, September 1 to 3, 2017 provide and enhanced interactive experience, known as Find The Force. This enhanced experience works with on app-enabled phones along with the Star Wars app to provide an augmented reality treasure hunt as detailed in this description of the from

From September 1–3, retailers around the world will invite fans to Find the Force by taking part in an AR treasure hunt. Here’s how it works: first, download the Star Wars app, which is your one-stop-shop for all things Star Wars (those who already have the app will need to download the latest version). Then, visit any one of 20,000 participating retail locations to find a graphic that contains the Find the Force logo. When you scan the graphic using the Star Wars app, you’ll reveal a character, who through AR, will appear in the room with you. You can then take photos, record videos, and share the experience on social media. Come back each day to reveal new characters (15 in total across the program’s three-day run). Click here for more information:

Force Friday II displays at various retailers on September 1, 2017

Since I was alone during my Force Friday adventures, I was only able to take pictures of my treasure hunt.

Some of my Find The Force treasures during my hunt on Force Friday II on September 1, 2017

Fortunately, my friend and fellow Fangirl Teresa Delgado was not alone and demonstrates the interactive portions of these treasure hunts much better than the stills that I took.

Fangirl Teresa Delgado shares with us her interaction with her Find The Force treasures

For those that live or are visiting specific landmarks during this same period of time, example Central Park in New York City. There are additional interactive displays to hunt down. For a full list of these locations, check out this article for details.

A Star Destroyer can be seen above the Golden Gate Bridge credit:

As mentioned, these interactive displays only work from September 1–3. Therefore, if you want to experience these yourselves, hurry out to your participating local retailer or landmark with your app-enabled phone and the updated Star Wars app! We would love to see some of the treasures that you found via twitter using the hashtag #FoTForceFriday!

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