February 7, 2023

Adventures of two Fangirls seeking The Force

It is an honor for me to share this guest post by fellow Fangirl, Clair Henry! She along with her daughter, Sophie, spent Force Friday II in London and shares with us their Find The Force adventures.

Take it away Clair…

Clair and her daughter Sophie on their Star Wars adventure

To end the summer holidays my daughter Sophie and I went off on a Star Wars adventure to visit the Star Wars Identities exhibition in the O2 exhibition hall in London. Our time in the capital also coincided with Force Friday II!

To celebrate Force Friday II, Starwars.com announced a new feature on their app called Find The Force. This add on revealed characters and ships in augmented reality that could be found in various shops and at 20 famous Land marks around the world, including an enabled location in London! With this in mind we stopped off at Waterloo Station on the south bank of the river Thames to find the U.K activated location, The London Eye.

Imperial Forces can be seen around the London Eye

We had already downloaded the update to the app and when we arrived on location I clicked “Find The Force” and followed the simple instructions and wow! Tie fighters came flying by to dock in the Imperial Star Destroyer that was stationed above The London Eye and the houses of Parliament. We took it in turns to take photos while the other posed. We got a lot of strange looks from passers-by wondering why we looked so frightened whilst staring at the London Eye! Unknown to them Imperial forces were waiting to take control!

Ready to find out what goodies are in store at The Disney Store

We headed to the Disney Store on Oxford street to ‘Find The Force’ there. Force Friday was in full swing and the atmosphere was fantastic! Lots of effort had been put into making Star Wars fans welcome! We were greeted by staff wearing Star Wars T-shirts, the back ground music was Star Wars, clips from the films and Rebels were on the screen and there were several stands dedicated to the new range of Star Wars merchandise including the ever popular Porgs!

Sophie finds a few Star Wars characters hanging around

We found the Find the Force displays beside the 2 Buckingham Palace guard boxes! Sophie was very excited to see the characters and we weren’t disappointed, we found 2BB-2, one of the new astromech droids, and one of our favourites characters, Chewbacca! This unlocked information about each of the characters found. Unfortunately, we didn’t collect enough of the characters to unlock one of the mystery characters.

We both agreed it was great fun finding and taking our pictures with the characters and it certainly added a different element to shopping for Star Wars Merchandise. I hope they continue with this fun element in the lead up to The Last Jedi, it was certainly something Sophie and I both enjoyed!


Thanks Clair for sharing your adventure with us!

For more details of Clair’s London adventure follow her via Twitter, ‪@henrytowers‬!


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