September 27, 2023

A positive message of “Hope” is spreading throughout the Force…

On twitter just yesterday I saw someone tweet a heads-up that there was a new Star Wars fan on twitter and to give them a follow. I loved it. Supporting new fans should be something we all do on a regular basis. Whether someone is just getting into the genre or beginning their blogging/ podcasting/ collecting career, it can be absolutely overwhelming. However, there are a few things we can do to make transitions easier.

  1. Welcome new members. We’ve all been “the new kid”. It’s scary. It can take months or even years to build up a consistent fan base. It can also be difficult to find consistent information. Let’s help each other.
  2. Teach patience and persistence. Remember how long it took to decide what to call your blog/podcast? What about all the time you spent making sure what you said or typed was perfect? It can be a frustrating task that sometimes doesn’t pay off the way you would hope. I have put hours into blog posts that may have only gotten a dozen likes. But, in all things, persistence pays off. Encourage one another to keep going.
  3. Be kind. I know we all disagree with one another from time to time. We reach different conclusions or think about characters differently. That doesn’t mean we have to shove our opinions down other’s throats. It’s fine to state a different opinion, but do so with the same care you would hope someone would take with you. And stay open-minded. You never know, they might have thought of something you haven’t.

In the end, we are a fandom made of thousands of fans all over the world. Our fandom has had the opportunity to grow exponentially in the last few years. Whether those fans have read the original extended universe, have only see the movies, or are ten years old and just know that Rey is awesome, we are in this together. Let’s all try to be the reason that our fandom is awesome.

May The Force Be With You

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