December 11, 2023

What they are anticipating in the latest film in the saga

Before the end of this week, the latest Star Wars film in the franchise, The Last Jedi, will be released worldwide. I asked fellow Star Wars Fans what they are looking forward to or are hoping to see when this film widely released…


Din Skysinger, Musical Artist, The Soles

I’m looking forward to seeing a Rian Johnson film. I love his films Looper and Brick, totally original, and totally Rian Johnson Films. I wan to see him bring his inventive and very personal voice to Star Wars.

Ric Peralta, Social Media,

I am looking forward to the communal experience of seeing an epic film with an epic crowd. This type of experience has become too rare.


Louella Laureola via Facebook

I’m looking forward to seeing Carrie Fisher the most. As a little girl in the 1970s, Princess Leia was everything I wanted to be. I’m looking forward to seeing the role she plays in The Last Jedi. I will probably need tissue too because I might start crying when I see Carrie Fisher on screen one last time.

Holly Griffin via Facebook

Part of me can’t wait to see the movie while another part never wants to see it. I never not want to be able to look forward to another Star Wars without Carrie. Leia was my inspiration for so many things in life and to know that after TLJ is over I’ll never be able to look forward to seeing her again is so heartbreaking. It would be different if we had had a proper sendoff.

Clair Henry via Facebook

For me I have mixed emotions, I’m excited for the next chapter of the new trilogy. However, as this is definitely the last we will see Carrie it’s going to be tough.

Andrea Fleming via Facebook

I’m so excited to see the next chapter, but it will be hard to say goodbye to a lovely actress that I have looked up to since I was 11. To quote Luke: “This is not going to go the way you think!”

@jane_anon Blogger,

This is a movie in my favorite franchise directed by one of my favorite directors so I’m excited, anxious, and hopeful about seeing the continuing adventures of these characters I’ve grown to love. I’m probably most excited about finally hearing Luke speak and seeing Rose and Finn work together. I fully expect to start crying the minute I see Carrie.

Luke TLJ Trailer Cropped 2

Monica Roberts via Facebook

I can barely contain my excitement. I enjoy the new characters but I want to know what happened to Luke between ROTJ and TFA. I know I am going to need a pocket full of tissues because no matter what happens with Leia it is going to be emotional to see Carrie on screen for the last time.

Devon Meyers (aka Red5Mom) via Facebook

Since TFA my excitement has always been seeing Luke Skywalker again. That movie was the hardest cliff hanger since Empire Strikes Back. I can’t wait to see Luke again.

Diane Ptacin via Facebook

I’m looking forward to seeing Luke on the big screen again FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS!! WITH DIALOGUE!!!


Regina (Gina) Sanders via Facebook

I am excited for The Last Jedi because it looks visually stunning and the trailer has left me breathless. I can only image watching the movie in its entirety. Plus, the cast seems so much like family. I know it’ll be fun! I’m also looking forward to seeing what Kylo Ren does next after TFA and I’m excited to meet Rose Tico!


Megan Cullinan via Facebook

I am so excited for The Last Jedi because we get to see Rey’s journey unfold before us. I am so intrigued and connected to her character. I’m also looking forward to seeing Luke and Leia’s journey as well. Plus, all the brand new characters seem like they will bring a lot to the story. I love hearing from the cast and crew that creating this movie was such a positive and fulfilling experience. I am excited to see that translateg on screen. Lastly, as hard as it will be, I am looking forward to Carrie’s final performance as Leia.

Karin Tessin via Facebook

I know with this coming weekend, it’s going to be a bittersweet moment. Knowing that this will be the last time I see Carrie Fisher on the big screen, I know I will be going into the theater with a heavy heart. On a lighter note, I am looking forward to that first line that Luke says in the movie. I have been anticipating it ever since the end of my first viewing of The Force Awakens.

Coleen McCormack via Facebook

I am so incredibly excited and emotional about finally seeing this movie. I wish Thursday was right now but also a part of me wishes I could remain in perpetual anticipation of seeing TLJ because I’m afraid I will never be this excited for a Star Wars movie again without Leia in them!

Patrick Izzo via Facebook

Our whole family is excited and we’ve had our tickets since the second they went on sale! One of the things we are most looking forward to is seeing is if Maz makes good on her promise to explain how she got Luke’s lightsaber when she said , “A good question…for another time.” No better time than during TLJ.

BJ Smith via Facebook

As a kid of the 80’s that grew up using empty wrapping paper tubes as lightsabers, I can’t wait. And as a dad, I can’t wait to take my daughters and my son.

Paula Rosenberg via Facebook

I have officially passed the stage before a new Star Wars movie when seeing anything Star Wars gives me a thrill and starts my mind racing. While fun, it’s a bit inconvenient when this happens in the middle of the night.

Thanks to all these Star Wars Fans for sharing these with us.

What are you anticipating or hoping for in The Last Jedi?

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