S.H. Figuarts Review | Captain Phasma The Last Jedi

Captain Phasma…so good to have you back! The commander of the First Order’s infamous Stormtrooper battalion arrives!

Captain Phasma was the first The Last Jedi figure released from Figuarts with the First Order Stormtrooper in September. It’s not just a re-release from the Phasma of The Force Awakens, it’s actually quite an improved figure. I’ll talk about that later.


Phasma has 8 hands (one set with closed hands, one set to hold her quicksilver baton, one set to hold her blaster and one set with open hands), her quicksilver baton in combat form, two quicksilver baton in inactive form (one to attach on her belt and one to hold in her hands), her blaster, two blaster pistols (one to attach on her leg, one to hold in her hands). While the hands hold the blaster without any troubles, it’s not the same thing for the blaster pistol, it tends to fall easily so be careful with this one.


I said earlier, this figure is an improvement from The Force Awakens version. The first version wasn’t chrome, it was more like silver colored but not shiny while this one has a glossy, shiny effect that works well for a chrome finish. It feels more movie accurate. Plus, it has some brand new accessories. If you want one of the two, pick The Last Jedi figure, it’s way-way better!

The Figure:

One thing that hasn’t changed from the two versions is the size. Phasma is a tall character but the figure stands at the same height as the Kylo Ren figure. It’s tall, but to be movie accurate it should be taller. It’s a minor detail but still…


I love Phasma’s armor. It’s the first time in a Star Wars movie that there is a chrome trooper. It looks badass, it’s one special trooper! The helmet to is a bit different from the basic trooper which gives her own style. And the cape as well, it looks so good! Figuarts has chosen a plastic cape. Personally, I would have opted for a fabric one but I have to admit the plastic one works quite well and doesn’t restrict the figure from being posed in different positions. Plus having a plastic cape allows Figuarts to give it the small details it has on it.

Phasma has 22 points of articulation, you can put her in all different fighting poses. It’s always great when troopers have great articulation, it’s always a good plus.

Up Close:


Final Thoughts:

I like this figure a lot, it goes well with the other First Order figures!

And if you had preordered the September Figuarts bundle, you got a little gift – BB-9E, BB-8’s arch nemesis! It has one point of articulation – the head. It’s movie accurate, and I like the colors used on him, it gives him this villainous look! Figuarts was kind enough to include a little stand on which you can pose the figure. As it’s a ball, it’s almost impossible to make him stand still otherwise…but these are minor detractions to what is a sublime set.


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