The final trailer teases an emotional climax for our struggling band of freedom fighters…

Star Wars season is here to stay.

With the euphoria of Star Wars: The Last Jedi beginning to dissipate, and the anticipation for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story building momentum, one can be forgiven for overlooking the return of Star Wars: Rebels.

Star Wars: Rebels – Season 4

In its fourth and final season, Dave Filoni’s sublime series is currently enjoying its mid-season break following an action packed first half of the season which left the fans gasping for more. Last, we saw, series stalwart Hera Syndulla, had been captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn and taken to an Imperial facility for interrogation, leaving the struggling band of rebels with a dilemma.

Rescue Hera, or abandon her to her fate and safeguard the core members of the team.

The cliff-hanger mid-season finale had us all gripped and hanging on the edge of our seats. And now, just as The Last Jedi is vacating cinema screens around the globe, Star Wars: Rebels is returning to quench our thirst for Star Wars content.

Lucasfilm, has now released an action-packed trailer for the second half of the season which you can enjoy here:

Wow, even Emperor Palpatine is getting in on the action!

If that wasn’t enough to whet our appetites, rumours have surfaced to Suggest a tragedy befalling our struggling band of heroes in the early episodes…


A synopsis for the opening two episodes has surfaced which suggests a tragic end for series mainstay Kanan Jarrus. The events of the past two seasons have revealed a journey of self-discovery for the character with the help of entities like the Bendu and the fabled Loth Wolves. His connections with these spiritual beings resulted in a greater understanding of his role in the fate of the galaxy whilst teasing a far more profound role in the events yet to unfold. His destiny has taken on a far greater meaning since his master’s demise during the events of Order 66 and echoes the “peace and purpose” mandate made famous by Luke Skywalker in the finale of The Last Jedi.

Kanan Jarrus and the Loth Wolf


The synopsis are as follows:

Jedi Night:

The Ghost crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters on Lothal to save one of their own.


Reeling from a devastating loss, the Ghost crew rallies together to find a new purpose and resolve.

If this synopsis is accurate, it certainly does indicate the demise of one of the Ghost’s most significant characters. The arrival of Emperor Palpatine indicates the severity of the events yet to unfold and may well preclude the demise of all but Hera Syndulla and Chopper, who are the only members of the Ghost crew to appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Emperor Palpatine returns


These episodes are expected to be broadcast in the United States on February 24th and March 3rd respectively with the UK air dates expected to be announced shortly.

Until then

May The Force Be With You

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