Black Series Review: Resistance Tech Rose Tico | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Kelly Marie Tran arrives to enhance your action figure collection

With the release of every new Star Wars movie, the collectors of the fan fraternity are excited to welcome a whole new range of action figures and merchandise. The recent release of The Last Jedi was no different and we have been treated to an abundance of new characters to welcome into the annals of the Star Wars fan fraternity.

Hasbro’s the Black Series line has given us some of the best action figures in recent memory and with the employment of the new digital face paint app technology, we are set to be in receipt of some of the most accurate characters ever to grace the galaxy far, far away.

I recently opened the box of Kelly Marie Tran’s lovable new character, Resistance Technician, Rose Tico and put her new six-inch action figure through its paces…

Resistance Tech Rose:

This figure, taken straight out of the new movie comes complete with a resistance blaster rifle, like that of Poe Dameron’s weapon from The Force Awakens, as well as her signature electro-shock prod that she uses to immobilise a deserting Finn, during The Last Jedi. The blaster rifle is highly detailed and comes with a satisfying copper finish that gives the weapon a used quality, which is a signature trait for the weapons and vehicles of the Star Wars universe. The shock prod itself is a little more basic and has a simple finish which is a little disappointing when compared to the blaster but is a minor detraction from the overall set.

The Weapons

The Figure:

The figure itself is impressive. The anatomy is atomically correct and is a perfect representation of the character herself. The yellow fatigues are incredibly detailed and pretty much like for like when compared to the incarnation seen on screen. Every ruffle, seam and pocket are fantastically recreated with impeccable detail and provides the figure with a realistic quality. The finer details are where this figure excels. From the technician badge on her left lapel to the text on her right pocket and even the utility belt on her waist complete with all its refinements are very impressive. The addition of the Resistance ring attached to her finger is a fantastic extra, especially when its significant role in the events of The Last Jedi, is taken into account.

Rose Tico

The figure’s hair is perfectly acceptable and is an accurate representation of the on-screen character, but is a little disappointing when compared to some of the other figures in the line. The hair is shaped in a pleasing fashion; however, the strands are not individualised enough to be realistic and when compared to characters like The Force Awakens Han Solo, Rose comes away feeling a little short-changed.

The character’s skin tone is fine, but is a little generic and lacks any real definition such as blemishes and genuine imperfections which again leaves the figure looking a little unrealistic. To make matters worse, the facial sculpture is a little generic and over-reliant on basic oriental features but is an adequate representation of Kelly Marie Tran’s genuine attributes.

Up Close:

Regarding articulation, Rose comes with the traditional eighteen points affording us the chance to pose the figure in almost any stance we can conceive. Sadly, it has nowhere near the articulation of the incredible S.H Figuarts action figures but is more than enough for conventional usage. Her utility belt comes with a cut-out wedge section which allows room for her stun weapon to attach where it sits in satisfying fashion.

Final Thoughts:

All things considered, the Black Series Rose Tico figure is a perfectly acceptable addition to the Hasbro line. The beauty of the figure lies within the engineering fatigues she wears to fulfil her duties aboard the resistance flagship. They are incredibly accurate and full of detail, which a pleasing trait and more than makes up for the disappointing skin tone and facial accuracy. The weapons are perfectly acceptable and heighten the overall splendour of the figure when she holds them.

When assembled next to her co-stars, Rose fits in perfectly well and makes for an impressive display on the mantle. The increasing cost of these figures is escalating at an alarming rate, and if inflation continues to perpetuate these prices, many devoted collectors will eventually have to admit defeat.

Poe Dameron, Rose Tico and Finn

But until then, every collection will be enhanced by the addition of Kelly Tran’s Rose Tico, and my advice is to grab her as soon as you can!

She may not be the greatest figure in the range…but the Force is definitely with her.

Happy hunting!


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