It’s time to make the Kessel Run with Han, Chewie and the Millennium Falcon

The Last Jedi, proved to be a hot topic for the devoted fans of the Star Wars universe. Rian Johnson’s fresh addition into the Skywalker legacy split opinions and divided the fans, but the negativity surrounding it did not inhibit a bumper haul of revenue from the worldwide box office.

With atmosphere extremely sensitive, the disillusioned fans needed a spark to reunite them and restore hope to the galaxy…

Enter Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon….

Despite the controversy surrounding The Last Jedi, the fans were desperate to get their first look at footage from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, and thanks to a forty-five second trailer tease, our prayers have been answered. With a young Han Solo coming face to face with Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon, we are looking forward to an exceptional Star Wars movie.

Check out the teaser here:


With the inclusion of the Galactic Empire’s sinister forces and the Millennium Falcon, looking fresh off the assembly line, we are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride of a Star Wars movie. Whether it can live up to the hype remains to be seen. But, with Hollywood legend, Ron Howard sat in the director’s chair and legendary screen writer, Lawrence Kasdan penning the script, we can all rest assured that the project is in the right hands.

The full trailer will debut later today.

Stay on target and get ready to jump to lightspeed with the best pilot in the galaxy…

May The Force Be With You


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