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The finest Trek’s from the Star Trek Universe…

Here at the we are delighted to be highlighting some of the finest episodes of the Star Trek universe on a weekly basis. From the classic Original Series to The Next Generation, only the finest episodes will be highlighted:

Trek of the Week

The Devil In The Dark:

“The Devil in the Dark” is a first season episode of Star Trek, first airing on March 9, 1967, and repeating on June 15, 1967. It was written by Gene L. Coon and directed by Joseph Pevney. William Shatner wrote in his memoirs that “The Devil in the Dark” was his favorite original Star Trek episode. He thought it was “exciting, thought-provoking and intelligent, it contained all of the ingredients that made up our very best Star Trek“.

Trek Of The Week

In the documentary 50 Years of Star Trek, the late Leonard Nimoy also named “The Devil in the Dark” as an “interesting episode” stating “I thought it was a wonderful episode about the fear of the unknown, how we fear and even hate something that we don’t know anything about, learn who your enemy is, and it’s not, maybe then it’s not no longer your enemy.

Trek Of The Week

In the episode, Captain Kirk and Spock face off with a deadly subterranean creature.

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