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Brad Aligns his Kyber Crystal and follows his Jedi teachings for Jason Fry’s Luke Skywalker adventure…

Confession 1: I was way behind the power curve reading Star Wars The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure by author Jason Fry. In fact, I have no idea how this virtual holocron of Jedi wisdom eluded me for so long but I can say without hesitation: it was well worth the wait.

Confession 2: From the moment I heard Luke Skywalker cry, “But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters,” I had little faith this whiny farm boy could save the galaxy. After all, how would he have the time to take down the Empire when all of his time was spent incessantly whining? Darth Vader is the ultimate badass of a bad guy and Luke was just…a crybaby.

Star Wars The Weapon of a Jedi

Over the years my respect for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has grown immeasurably. He didn’t defeat the Sith by being your typical alpha male – that was Han’s place in the galaxy – he used his love and compassion for his father to save him and destroy Palpatine in the process. As Rose Tico would say years later, he won not by fighting what he hated, but by saving what he loved. The thing – the person – he loved was Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight.

In The Weapon of a Jedi, we see Luke shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Having destroyed the Death Star without even the use of a targeting computer, Luke should be on top of the world. Instead, he feels all alone because his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a man whom he admired greatly, had been seemingly cut down by Darth Vader. Now he must try to learn the ways of the Jedi and master the mysterious Force on his own.

Where we do not give Luke Skywalker enough credit is his complete willingness to take on this daunting task no matter how improbable its success may seem. Not only does Luke have the will to succeed, but he also has the unrelenting tenacity. Judging by the movies, Luke is obviously nowhere near as powerful in the Force as was his father, but he never lets this fact stop him. The Weapon of a Jedi ever illustrates how difficult grasping the Force is for this would-be Jedi. However, the book also shows how Luke will train and train and train some more until he masters a concept. That is dedication.

Star Wars The Weapon of a Jedi

Drawn by the Force to the planet Devaron, Luke all but crashes his damaged Y-Wing as he attempts to land.  His feelings and strange dreams tell him that the answers he is searching for are in the jungle outside the city.  Unfortunately, no one is willing to be his guide, except for a less-than-reputable alien known as Sarco.  Deep in the wilderness, Luke discovers an ancient Jedi temple.  There he must learn that the answers he seeks will not come from without, but from within.  Unfortunately, the Empire is on his trail and he must apply what he has learned if he is to survive the climactic battle.

This story is a gripping adventure from start to finish. It has familiar characters like Luke, Artoo, Threepio and even Jessika Pava from The Force Awakens, but it also features a brand new intriguing villain with whom Luke must of course battle. Jason Fry’s characterization of Luke is precise yet refreshing. You will come away with a deeper understanding and I believe respect for our beloved Jedi Knight.

Star Wars The Weapon of a Jedi

The Weapon of Jedi bridges many gaps, from A New Hope to Empire Strikes Back, but also all the way out to the events of The Last Jedi. If you have played the campaign mode of Battlefront II, that is the Luke Skywalker you will find in this book. Don’t let the fact that this novel is classified as YA fool you; you will likely pick it up and not want to put it down until the end.

This book is a must-read for Star Wars fans.


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