December 5, 2022
Batman Mafex Review - Zack Snyder's Justice League

Thomas infiltrates the Batcave to review the INCREDIBLE Batman figure from Medicom Toys’ MAFEX Line

The Batman Mafex figure has arrived to unite the League!

Over the last few months, MAFEX has started releasing its figures from the Justice League movie beginning with Batman and Superman. They had already released the two characters in their Batman V Superman collection. For their first wave of action figures, MAFEX wasn’t using the digital print technology; and they had several issues with the joint articulation. But that time is long gone. Since the release of their Suicide Squad and Batman Knightmare figures, MAFEX is using digital print tech. And has solved all their joint problems. Their latest action figures are top-notch quality.


I also own some of their Star Wars figures and the amazing work they’re doing now it’s just mind-blowing! So I was very excited about this new Batman figure and I can say I’m not disappointed at all!

As usual with MAFEX, their figures have tons of accessories. This set has 3 Batarangs, a Kryptonite grenade, the launched grenade, and the Grapple Gun. Also included are 14 interchangeable hands (7 sets of 2), and a stand. There’s every possible position of hands to recreate your favorite Batman scenes. Batman throwing a Batarang, Batman holding his Grapple Gun, Batman ready to fight his enemies.

Justice League Review - The Batman Mafex


As for the interchangeable heads, MAFEX has used digital print tech for facial expressions – there is one normal head and one angry head. Both are spot on and incredibly realistic. Ben Affleck’s features are clearly defined and are a true reflection of his version of the character from the Justice League movie. One thing that is missing though, would have been a head without the cowl, we do see Bruce Wayne unmasked several times during the movie.

Justice League Review - The Batman Mafex







Here’s a comparison between the first Batman figure MAFEX had released from the DCEU and this one. The difference is huge and you can see all the improvements they have done!

Justice League Review - The Batman Mafex

This new figure is a big update from the previous Batman, it’s more proportioned and has far better joints that allow for better articulation. It has a total of 24 points of articulation! The cape has been made in a different kind of fabric that feels more like a real cape. The suit is darker, the logo takes a bigger place on the torso, the torso itself is also different. The gloves are different too and the belt boats a new paint job. I love Batfleck’s suit, it’s simply a great Batman suit and visually it fits with our time.


Overall, this Batman figure is an amazing improvement compared to the one released for Batman v Superman. Even without comparison, it’s just an amazing figure. It has plenty of accessories, it has great articulation, it’s a figure made for the collectors!

Justice League Review - The Batman Mafex

The Batmobile used in the pictures is the one Mattel released in their DC Multiverse line for the Justice League movie. Order yours now!


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  1. For the prices on these people have to really dig the movies or actors, luckily I loved it and this figure too 🙂

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