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Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel has been recreated in plastic, what’s not to like?

For their second action figure in the Justice League line, MAFEX has released their incarnation of Henry Cavill’s Superman and the figure simply beautiful! It’s not as good as their incredible Batman figure, but maybe I am biased because Batman is, by far my favourite DC Comics character.

This Superman figure has three highly detailed interchangeable heads with three different expressions using digital print tech and the skin was very carefully hand-painted. It’s a perfect combination of two methods and it has yielded a wonderful result! The first head with the basic facial expression is the best by a long shot, it has a great likeness of Henry Cavill but it cannot rival Ben Affleck’s likeness on the Batman figure. For me, there’s a little something missing … though between MAFEX and S.H. Figuarts, MAFEX has produced the best likeness of Cavill. The third head can be really useful if you want to give him a pose where he is ready to unleash his heat vision. And the second head is quite nice as well!

Justice League Review: The MAFEX Superman

As for the accessories, this figure comes with a base stand and 8 interchangeable hands. This Man Of Steel has 24 points of articulation so you can achieve some incredibly screen-accurate poses with it!

The Figure:

Just like the Batman figure, Superman is a huge improvement over the Batman v Superman version. MAFEX got the skin color right this time! And the face has a much better likeness. The iconic Superman logo is much brighter, so much so that it immediately catches your eye. The color of the suit is also better and is far more screen accurate this time and this brings out the texture of the suit beautifully!

Justice League Review: The MAFEX Superman

The joint articulation has been greatly improved as well, so it’s far more posable. The cape is different as well, it feels more realistic with the way it stands. This time there are only two iron strings embedded within the cape so when you move it, you get better poses. Finally, the fabric used is different, it’s an improved texture making for a pleasingly authentic feel.

Up Close:

Here’s a comparison between Superman figures. The difference is huge and you can see all the improvements they have made!

Justice League Review: The Mafex Superman

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this Superman from MAFEX is an amazing figure and has clearly been crafted with the collectors in mind. At $60, It’s an expensive addition to your collection but it’s surely worth your money.

The next figure to be released from this line will be The Flash, expected to be released by the end of April.

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