September 30, 2023

Hold onto your butts…life has found a way!

The awesome new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has arrived!

In the aftermath of his battle against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars, Chris Pratt is returning to Jurassic Park with the aim of rescuing Isla Nublar’s flourishing population of dinosaurs from extinction. When a catastrophic volcanic eruption threatens the very existence of life on the island, Pratt, the ever-reluctant hero sets off to save the day.

New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer

Joined by the returning Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm, and his Jurassic World co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard the team return to Jurassic Park in a desperate attempt to evacuate the island before it is consumed by an endless sea of volcanic ash and lava.

Check out the awesome new trailer:

The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is back in stunning fashion, and the new “Indoraptor” looks utterly terrifying, similar in style to the original Velociraptor in Steven Spielberg’s brilliant blockbuster, Jurassic Park. The tone of the movie is very reminiscent of Spielberg’s masterwork, a directorial technique that benefitted from deliberate hints of genuine terror throughout.

New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer

Fallen Kingdom could very well be the darkest Jurassic Park movie since the original burst onto our screens way back in 1993, and if implemented with J.A Bayona’s superb directorial expertise we could be in for a fantastically scary roller coaster ride come June.

Check out the new poster featuring a triumphant “Rexy” the Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set for release on June 22.

Life has found a way…

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