Po-Zu Unveils Incredible New Millennium Falcon Sneakers!

Get your Kessel Run wardrobe ready for Solo: A Star Wars Story

She’s the fastest ship in the galaxy.

We have exciting news. Following the success of their incredible Han Solo sneakers, unveiled to commemorate the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, our friends at Po-Zu have announced the release of the ultimate in fanboy sneaker…

Meet the cool new Millennium Falcon sneakers.

Po-Zu Unveils Incredible New Millennium Falcon Sneakers!

Set to commemorate the arrival of Solo: A Star Wars Story, these incredible low-cut vegan lace-up sneakers have been manufactured using a Fairtrade rubber sole and boast the iconic blueprint of the greatest Corellian YT freighter in the galaxy.

These sneakers are available in the full range of sizes: from an EU 36 (US 5, UK 3) to EU 47 (US 13.5, UK 12.5).

First Look:

Wow. Once again Po-Zu have outdone themselves with this incredible new range. To own a set of MILLENNIUM FALCON sneakers is every fanboy’s dream…and that dream is about to be realised in stunning fashion, and for the low price of just £59.00 they are a steal.

The Millennium Falcon sneakers are available NOW and are ready for immediate dispatch! Order yours now.

Check out the full Po-Zu/Star Wars Star Wars range!


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Source: Po-Zu.Com

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