February 5, 2023

Exploring the Clone Wars Easter Eggs found in Solo

So, you saw Solo: A Star Wars Story. What did ya think?  Pretty cool, right?  For those of you who have watched The Clone Wars animated series, I’m sure you noticed a few of the tie-ins. It can be difficult to place where the films take place if you’re just walking into it. Solo takes place about 10BBY (10 years before the “Battle of Yavin” in the finale of A New Hope). For more reference, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa would be nine years old at the time of Solo. The Rebel Alliance is just a baby, with scattered groups beginning to coordinate their efforts. The characters you see in the film remember the days of the Republic and lived through The Clone Wars. This nearness in age is the reason we hear several references to people and places that those who have seen The Clone Wars will recognize.



Corellia – The homeworld of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles.  During The Clone Wars, Corellia made some of the best starships in the galaxy and, luckily, sided with the Republic. Although starships were one of the main exports, the construction took place in orbit, leaving the planet relatively rural and open.  After the war, Corellia kept doing what it did best, just for the Empire this time.  The Moff of the Corellian sector, Fliry Vorru, didn’t care much for small crime and allowed crime syndicates to flourish. By 7BBY The Black Sun mainly ran the planet.


Glee Anselm – Home to Tobias Beckett and Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Glee Anselm was an ocean planet that fought with the Republic during The Clone Wars. If you are a guest to Walt Disney World, Glee Anselm is one of the planets visited by Star Tours.

Kashyyyk – I don’t think I need to explain this one too much. Kashyyyk was the Wookiee homeworld.  This was where Jedi Luminara Unduli was killed during the Jedi purge. In Legends EU, the Wookiees also hid Quinlan Vos, his wife and son for a period of time after the fall of the Republic.



Aurra Sing – After making her debut in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Clone Wars fans should remember Aurra well. She’s the pale white assassin with an antenna sticking out of her head. In legends, Aurra was force-sensitive and chose to leave the Jedi Order as a padawan. Because of her sensitivity and knowledge of Jedi, she was often hired for her abilities to target Jedi and high-ranking individuals.  I was disappointed that this was never brought to light in The Clone Wars series as it adds a great deal of depth to her character. We know now that she was supposedly killed by Beckett, although “pushing her off a cliff and letting the fog take her” seems like it could have a couple loopholes.


Bossk – Bossk was a Trandoshan bounty hunter made famous during the “bounty hunter meeting” in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. He is mentioned in Solo when Beckett and Val are planning the Conveyex heist. Val mentions a couple of bounty hunter’s they could have called, and one of them is Bossk. He worked jobs with Aurra and Boba Fett in The Clone Wars and was considered one of the best in the league of bounty hunters.


Maul – No introduction needed, right? We don’t know if Maul is his real name, but we do know that he is the son of Mother Talzin of Dathomir. At a young age he was taken by Darth Sidious to become his apprentice.  I won’t go into all that happened in Maul’s life, or what might have led him to create and lead Crimson Dawn, but Disney has some big questions to answer.


When last you saw Maul alive in The Clone Wars, he was being electrocuted by Sidious.  Unfortunately the show was canceled, but Disney did let the story finish somewhat.  We got a small fill-in in the Ahsoka novel. We know he made his way back as the leader of the warriors on Mandalore.  Ahsoka and Rex were sent to stop him from taking over the planet. They had him cornered in a ray shield when Order 66 began and Maul managed to escape. The next we see of him, Maul is leading Crimson Dawn from Dathomir.  Here’s hoping that Disney can fill in the gaps for us without stepping on anything else that’s canon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is playing in cinemas worldwide NOW!


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