December 10, 2023

Dark Horse’s Son of Dathomir is re-published under Marvel’s Banner

Darth Maul is fan favorite villain. He’s such a favorite that he was resurrected in the Clone Wars. For those that only follow the movies, the big reveal at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story was probably not only shocking by confusing. While there is a lot to Maul’s story in the inventing years between his fateful duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and his appearance in Solo, Son of Dathomir picks up Maul’s story after he was captured by Darth Sidious in the end of the season five episode of the Clone Wars “The Lawless”.

Son of Dathomir

Lord Maul, former Sith Lord, has been captured by his old master. Those Mandalorians still loyal to Maul launch a rescue mission. Together with the Shadow Collective, they attempt to draw Sidious, General Grievous, and Count Dooku into a trap. However, Sidious is determined to win and kill Maul and Mother Talzin once and for all.

We know Maul doesn’t die here, but that doesn’t lessen the stakes all that much. Maul still has something to lose here. His allies in the Shadow Collective will only stay loyal to him for so long once they realize just what Maul’s true motives are. In Solo, Dryden Vos says that Crimson Dawn has a tentative truce with the Pykes. The events here could be one reason they don’t want the Pykes to know they are stealing from them. Things didn’t end well for them here.

I really enjoyed learning what happened to Maul after we saw him last in Clone Wars. Originally conceived as a four part story for The Clone Wars, it was adapted here to comic form after the show’s cancellation. This story helps fill in the gaps as to how he ends up where he is in Solo. There’s still more to Maul’s story, however, particularly how he gets stranded in that temple on Malachor.



Clone Wars Adaptations

Written by Jeremy Barlow from scripts intended to be for episodes in the unproduced season seven of the Clone Wars. Barlow also penned other Star Wars comics stories for Dark Horse before the license came home to Marvel. This isn’t the only unproduced storyline to be adapted after the show’s cancellation. The novel Dark Disciple was also adapted from unproduced episodes. Both serve to finish storylines begun in the show.

This story is essential reading for Maul fans. It’s also great for fans of the Clone Wars show who are looking for the stories they missed seeing on the small screen. I really hope that more of the unproduced episodes find their way to the comics. Since both are visual mediums, comics are the perfect way to tell the stories we didn’t get to see on screen. Perhaps a Siege of Mandalore comic? I know I’m not the only fan who wants to see that story and a comic would be a great way to see it.

This is my second Dark Horse Star Wars comic. While I definitely think I prefer the writing on the new Marvel comics and most of the artwork, I’m still happy I read this one. It’s been on my list since it was announced and I know I’d regret it if I dismissed it. The story is a great continuation of Maul’s story and a great addition to the canon.


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