February 7, 2023

Continue the Journey with Star Wars: Volume Six

My adventure through the Star Wars comics continues with volume six, Out Among the Stars. This volume is a departure from the others as the first three issues feature short stories with different characters taking the forefront. Two chapters continue the story where we left off in Last Flight of the Harbinger. Also included is Annual #3.

Out Among the Stars

In the first issue, Luke and Leia are stranded on a planet and have to survive on their own with the Empire hot on their trail. In the second, Sana teams up with Lando Calrissian to double-cross a group of pirates. In the third, Han is tasked by Mon Mothma with transporting Grakkus the Hutt to a new prison. In the fourth issue, R2-D2 decides to rescue C-3PO all on his own. Special Commando Advanced Recon (SCAR) Squadron goes on a mission to prove themselves to Vader in issue five. In Star Wars Annual #3, Han and Leia evade mercenaries on a mission to find a new location for a Rebel Base.

On the whole, this volume did very little to move the story forward or for character development. We learned nothing new about Leia’s personality in the opening issue. If you’ve read Leia: Princess of Alderaan, you know she took a pathfinding class and knows how to survive in the wild. Nor did we learn anything new about Han. Sana’s story is the only one where we learn something new about her and that, like Han, she’s not as much of a scoundrel as she makes herself out to be.

Issue four finally gets back to the main storyline with R2’s rescue of 3PO. We are treated to a narration that tells us about what a typical R2 unit is capable of. It’s perfectly timed with his actions, that clearly contradict the narration. It made for a few chuckles. We all know R2 isn’t your typical little droid. As Captain Panaka once said “He’s an extremely well put together little droid.” The following chapter featuring SCAR squadron catching up with the Rebels closes out the storyline with the characters looking ahead at what’s to come.

Out Among the Stars

Star Wars Annual

Like the last volume, it’s the Annual that saves this one from being mostly filler. It’s a great little story written by Jason Latour and illustrated by Michael Walsh. Han and Leia are on a mission to find a new location for a Rebel base when they are found by mercenaries looking for Han. Han tries to sacrifice himself to save Leia, but Leia isn’t about to let Han get all the glory. Together they prove that neither of them is just a smuggler or just a princess. The interesting detail to me was that the planet they were on went from “baking” in the sun to a snow storm in a matter of hours. I really want to see that planet again. It must have one interesting atmosphere for that to happen.

Walsh is the illustrator for The Last Jedi comic adaptation and Hawkeye. Latour has written for Spider-Gwen and Wolverine and the X-Men. I like Walsh’s style and Latour’s writing. I’d like to see both again either in Marvel’s Star Wars line or another character’s story.

While I didn’t really like this one as much as I have previous volumes, I’m still loving the continuing story. The comics are a great way to fill in the gaps between the Saga movies, especially the intervening years between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. The next volume is titled Ashes of Jedha, which has me really excited. Kieron Gillen will be taking over the story while Salvador Larroca will still be doing the art. It will be an exciting new era in Star Wars comics.


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