Black Series Review: Commander Wolffe | (The Clone Wars) (Exclusive)

The leader of the Wolfpack 104th Battalion has arrived to dominate the Black Series Clone Wars collection…

With the announcement that Dave Filoni’s sensational Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series is returning to complete is run, every Star Wars fan is chomping at the bit for new action figures and content from The Clone Wars era. After the successful launch of the long-awaited clone Captain Rex action figure, Hasbro has moved quickly to produce clone Commander Wolffe, the leader of the famous Wolfpack Battalion. This one is a GameStop/DisneyShop exclusive.

Wolffe has basically the same sculpt as Captain Rex except for the helmet and the head. What’s so great about Hasbro’s clone figures is they have extra points of articulation for the best possible action poses, this one has 20 points of articulation!


The figure has great paint app, they really got things right! They didn’t forget about the wolf symbol on his left shoulder. There’s some dirt on his armor to simulate battle damage but it’s not as good as on Rex. There are parts of the armor that are too clean and other parts that have some dirt, it’s a bit too inconsistent, which is too bad because the rest of the figure is great! Like Rex’s helmet, the antenna can move and this time the helmet is more easily removable.

Wolffe was released after Rex but somehow, he has the older ugly joint neck articulation instead of the new head articulation that is so much better, too bad. As for the head sculpt, it’s beautiful, they nailed it with Wolffe’s scar!

As for the accessories, it’s lame. He has his two blaster pistols and his removable helmet. They could have included a DC-15S blaster as it’s the weapon we see him use the most in the series and also his jetpack that would have been really cool. Hasbro missed a great opportunity here especially since I don’t think we’ll get another Wolffe figure anytime soon.

Up Close:


Final Thoughts:

Commander Wolffe is a great figure and a nice addition to the clones collection but it’s a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to some aspect of this figure. Next year is the return of The Clone Wars, Hasbro needs to unveil more than just clones to support the show and this gives them the perfect excuse to produce a long overdue Jedi Master Plo Koon figure, it absolutely needs to happen! Wolffe needs his general!


However, clones like Fives, Echo, Commander Bly, Neyo and the Bad Batch really deserve their figures too! And if it’s not too much to ask – an updated version of Clone Commander Cody with a removable helmet would be a dream come true.


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