December 6, 2023
Star Wars Legend Dave Prowse Announces His Retirement

The legendary Darth Vader actor finally hangs up the cape.

The Dark Lord of the Sith is hanging up his cape.

Star Wars legend Dave Prowse has officially announced his retirement from autograph signings. The actor’s health has been in decline for a number of years which has seen him withdraw from the international autograph circuit. In recent weeks, a string of UK based signings have proven to be too much for the legend to undertake and as a result, Dave’s family have taken steps to ensure his long-term health moving forward.

In a statement from Alliance Agents, Dave’s family confirmed the following:

Dave’s family have decided that due to his ongoing health issues all private home signings will now come to an end. There will be no further bookings made. They ask that the autograph community respect their decision and their privacy and do not call them at home. Dave has been signing autographs for over 40 years. Sadly, now it has become a difficult task for him, so the time has now come to stop.

Star Wars Legend Dave Prowse Announces His Retirement

Even legends have their limits and like the recently retired Jeremy Bulloch, Dave Prowse deserves his rest. We the fans can only express our gratitude for his decades of tireless service and devotion in bringing Darth Vader into our lives.

Thank you, Dave. The dark side of the Force will be with you forever!

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Source: Alliance Agents


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