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Join the Resistance with Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter by Jason Fry

In this recently released book, Rose Tico gets to tell her side of the story. Written as if it were her journal, we find out what Rose was thinking during the events leading up to, during, and immediately after The Last Jedi. We learn more about Rose’s thoughts and feelings regarding the events she participates in and the characters she interacts with including Holdo, Finn, and Poe. We also get the motivations for her actions, specifically her realization that love is how they will win.

The book references the events of Cobalt Squadron by Elizabeth Wein, which came out last year as part of the Journey to The Last Jedi promotional push. While it’s not necessary to have read it, it would enhance your reading of this one to understand who and what Rose is referring to without having to resort to looking it up.

Like the previously released character journals, the book is accompanied by artwork depicting characters and fold out ship diagrams. While I can’t confirm who the artist is, I really enjoyed looking at the artwork which had a sketchbook quality to it. One spread even detailed the games played at the Canto Bight Casino while another was on Vulptices (the plural of Vulptex of course!). Character sketches include sketches of Rey, Holdo, Paige, and more.


Star Wars Author Jason Fry Does it Again

Jason Fry is the author of numerous Star Wars books, including Essential Guides, and the Servants of the Empire series of children’s books. He is also the author of The Jupiter Pirates, a Middle-Grade series about three siblings from a family of privateers who fight space pirates. He shows a good understanding of Star Wars characters and events and does a great job of capturing the voice of a young woman.

This book is great for any young fan, especially young female fans, and Rose Tico fans of all ages. It is appropriate for children ages seven and up and reads at a late elementary age level.


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