November 26, 2022
The 5 Reasons We Need a 'Solo' Sequel

Exploring the potential for another Star Wars standalone adventure…

Solo: A Star Wars Story may have had a dismal box-office run but it can be safely said that most people who watched it actually really enjoyed it (me included.) It was a great story that featured some awesome old and new characters and now that I’ve seen it five times I can’t help but want more. So many things were being set up for a possible sequel by the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story that to think that there might not be a second film is an increasingly depressing thought.

So, here are the five reasons why the world needs another Solo movie.

1. Jabba the Hutt and his Smuggler Crew

Near the end of Solo Tobias Beckett tells Han Solo of a “big-shot gangster” on Tatooine putting together a crew. If you know Star Wars then you immediately know who Beckett is talking about; Jabba the Hutt. We clearly understand that Han Solo worked for Jabba once but to see that storyline come to fruition would be really, really awesome.

The 5 Reasons We Need a 'Solo' Sequel

And then, the thought of a smuggler crew sounds like Star Wars gold if you ask me. It could feature Boba Fett and Greedo, just to name a couple, as well as some other new characters that easily fit the definition of awesome. Smugglers and bounty hunters are some of my favorite Star Wars characters because they are always so cool and unique. To imagine a crew of bounty hunters/smugglers is enough reason to make a sequel asap.

2. Enfys Nest Is The Best

Enfys Nest was the breakout star of Solo: A Star Wars Story in my opinion. She not only played a ridiculously enjoyable role in the movie but who doesn’t love seeing a fierce female warrior? I know I do.

The 5 Reasons We Need a 'Solo' Sequel

It also feels like the film was just setting up her storyline against the Crime Syndicates and I want to know the conclusion to that story.

3. More Qi’ra Please

Qi’ra was an interesting character whose allegiances were pretty grey throughout the film. I remember watching the movie for the first time and wondering whether she was a good guy or whether she was secretly the true villain of the movie. Turns out that she was a bit of both but her story ended with clear implications that her storyline was just heading to something truly special.

The 5 Reasons We Need a 'Solo' Sequel

She had risen in the ranks of Crimson Dawn and if a sequel were to happen we could see her as the incredible crime boss she deserves to be.

4. Darth Maul Returns Again (and not as a Cameo)

Oh, the infamous Darth Maul cameo that dropped the mike on the entire Solo: A Star Wars Story experience. Seeing the Sith Lord back on the big screen was like something out of a dream that I never thought could come true. But, unfortunately, it was just that–a cameo–and the possibilities of seeing more with him are slim indeed. With a Solo sequel, however, we could truly get reacquainted with the dark lord and that would be 100% awesome.

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Darth Maul's Shock Return

(And a possible Qi’ra/Darth Maul showdown would be even greater!)

5. A Crime Syndicate War

And finally, another plotline that was hinted at in Solo was a potential war between all of the crime syndicates. That could turn into something incredibly entertaining and wildly original considering that we’ve never seen a galactic battle like that before.

If there were to be a syndicate war I would have it take place in the third Solo installment however because that just sounds better. And wouldn’t that be a great way to end an already fascinating trilogy unlike any other that we’ve seen in the franchise so far?

The 5 Reasons We Need a 'Solo' Sequel

All in all, Solo may not have had the money-making results Disney and Lucasfilm were looking for but if they do choose to ignore the box-office run and continue this trilogy these Solo movies could end up being the best trio of Star Wars films ever made.

Would you like to see more Solo movies? Join the conversation and share your thoughts.


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  1. I couldn`t agree more with your list. The last thing I would just Love to see is the sequel movie ending with Han and Chewie having a drink in the Cantina shortly before Luke and Ben arive. The Rogue One ending made it work perfectly.

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